Reasons Why Roof Gutters and Flashings Should Not be Taken for Granted

How Can Home Owners Benefit from Jonda’s Custom Downpipes and Accessories

For over four decades, Jonda has provided products that are necessary for home improvements. Based in Heidelberg West, Jonda is one of the longest-running sheet metal fabrication businesses and is still capable of manufacturing products out of this field. The company has also introduced its wide range of products, such as Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and the Leafless Gutter Guard. Jonda offers a wide range of home improvement products such as louvres, roof hatches, and sump. One of the most notable products of Jonda is its downpipes. Downpipes help in flushing the water collected from rainwater and wastewater out to […]

Benefits of Roof Hatches and Why You Should Have Them Installed on Your Roof

Roof hatches are also known as access doors and are utilitarian additions for your roofs to provide fast, convenient, safe access to your roof from the inside of your structure. They are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. These elements come in numerous sizes and configuration since they are customisable. Read on to learn the benefits of installing these hatches in your roof. 1. Makes Accessing Your Roof Safe Climbing onto your roof from the outside can be hazardous and at times, impossible, depending on the height of it. However, accessing your roof through a hatch is safe to […]

Multi-Fit Leafguard Pop: Innovative Design with a Purpose from Jonda

In any gutter system, downpipes are the most difficult parts to keep clean when they become clogged with debris. At times, the blockage can be so severe that you must reach out for professional assistance to clean them thoroughly. If you presently have problems keeping your downpipe clear, so the water drains efficiently from your gutters, you will be happy to know that Jonda provides an innovatively designed solution in the way of the company‚Äôs Multi-Fit Leafguard Pop. Read on to learn its various attributes. Fits Round and Square Downpipes Since these Multi-Fit Leafguard Pops have a unique design, they […]

The Importance of Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinets in Transporting Dangerous Goods

In Victoria, Australia, a person is prohibited from transporting compressed or dissolved acetylene in cylinders inside a vehicle cabin according to the Dangerous Goods Act of 1986. Since this substance is highly flammable, it is classified as 2.1 as specified in the Dangerous Goods (Prescribed List) Regulation of 1986. The authorities consider that transporting this hazardous substance in enclosed vans, cars and other types of vehicles due to the fact that even minor leaks can cause an explosion or a fire to occur. The regulation 411(1) in the Dangerous (Transport) Regulation of 1987 dictates that an individual should not transport […]

High-Quality Spa Pump Covers: Available at Jonda Pty Ltd

Since your spa pump is crucial to the proper operation of your spa, you need to not only buy a quality one, but also cover it with a durable material to protect it from the weather, if outdoors, and debris. This is not difficult to do due to the fact that there are pre-made spa pump covers on the market today. However, not all the covers are durable. To ensure that you purchase a high-quality one, turn to Jonda Pty Ltd. About Jonda Pty Ltd We have been in business since the early 1980s when we first opened it in […]

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