Avoiding Water Surges During Heavy Rainfalls: How Can Rainheads and Sumps Help?

June 17, 2019

Rainheads and sump pumps can be of great help in controlling water buildup that can damage residential and commercial property during harsh weather conditions. Modern rainheads are designed with attractive decorative features to enhance a building’s roof and gutter areas. These devices help to reduce the risk of water flow into a commercial building or home’s interior caused by water surges during severe storms with heavy rainfall. Some rainheads are specially handcrafted to align with design plans for completing the exterior of a structure. Sump pumps also provide major property protection from damaging floods by limiting accumulations of rapidly falling […]

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The Benefits of Installing Custom Roof Flashings

June 7, 2019

All roofs are made up of multiple components and materials that all work together to prevent the weather and natural elements from entering your house or building. One important component should be custom roof flashings. These are located in areas of special needs to ensure that water does not seep through into your structure. Without the use of flashings, your roof will not provide optimal protection. In the following, we provide additional information about roof flashing and its benefits. What Is Roof Flashing? Roof flashings are strips of copper, aluminium, stainless steel, black steel, galvanised sheet metal and other durable […]

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