Benefits of Installing Leafless Leaf-guard to Your Guttering System

January 9, 2020

The guttering system of our home is essential to discharge excess water down to the drainage system. Gutters prevent your roof from obtaining damages quickly since water is flushed out right away. As you all know, water that accumulates and is stuck on the surfaces of the roof or walls can cause wear and tear to the mentioned parts of your home. The guttering system has certain parts that are exposed freely on debris and leaves. This exposure led the way to manufacturers to protecting the guttering system from any external elements. Through the installation of the Leafless Gutter Guard […]

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What are the Common Materials Used in Roof Flashing?

December 13, 2019

One of the most important parts of the roof system is roof flashing. Roof flashings are thin layers of waterproof sheets that cover the joints or angles connecting the roof to other parts of the house. They overlap with each other so that water entrapment and leakages are prevented. Roof flashings possess numerous benefits, one which is that it helps your home prevent roof leaks.  They keep your home dry since they are made to prevent any leaking and entrapment of water on the roof. Roof flashings also make your roof system durable, thus, protecting your house from moisture, debris, […]

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Sheet Metal Fabricator for Custom-Made Roof Gutters in Melbourne

December 3, 2019

During summertime, we are just enjoying the clear skies and the bright sun. It could get hot in some days, but we don’t expect any weather disturbances during this season. We could go to the beach, or spend some time bothering our neighbours to talk about the latest celebrity news or TV shows. Then after a few days, the rain suddenly poured. This rainy weather goes on for a long time. Your property is drenched and soaked in rainwater, which includes your roof and your land area. By the time you go to the basement, you then noticed some water […]

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The Advantages of Choosing Custom Made Cowls

November 19, 2019

When we use our stoves or fireplaces, all the smoke from these places come out of our properties through the chimney. Chimneys help us prevent gases or smoke from entering our rooms. Just imagine if the smoke from your fireplace gets back to your room. This scenario can be disastrous right away since both the smoke and fire from your furnace will eventually crawl back and engulf your property. What makes chimneys so special is their ability to release all unnecessary smoke and gas outside through our rooftops. However, there are still some things that might happen if we solely […]

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How Can Home Owners Benefit from Jonda’s Custom Downpipes and Accessories

November 4, 2019

For over four decades, Jonda has provided products that are necessary for home improvements. Based in Heidelberg West, Jonda is one of the longest-running sheet metal fabrication businesses and is still capable of manufacturing products out of this field. The company has also introduced its wide range of products, such as Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and the Leafless Gutter Guard. Jonda offers a wide range of home improvement products such as louvres, roof hatches, and sump. One of the most notable products of Jonda is its downpipes. Downpipes help in flushing the water collected from rainwater and wastewater out to […]

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