Essential Functions and Benefits of Rainheads from Jonda

July 24, 2023

Jonda rainheads are components of a rainwater collection system that helps in collecting and directing rainwater from the roof into the downpipes while preventing debris, leaves, and other contaminants from entering the drainage system. These components are often installed at the top of downpipes or gutter systems, making sure they can carry out their primary purposes. At Jonda, we make sure our rainheads will be fabricated from materials that can last for a long time despite prolonged exposure to weather and outdoor elements like water, heat, ultraviolet light, dust, debris, and many more. We can also produce rainheads with varying […]

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Toolboxes from Jonda: The Benefits of Fitting Gas Struts to the Lids

July 10, 2023

Discover the benefits of gas struts on toolboxes from Jonda. Effortless access, enhanced safety, and convenience for your tools. When it comes to holding and organising tools, equipment pieces, and other items, one may take advantage of toolboxes. They are storage containers designed to hold the previously stated things. They can be used by homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Toolboxes can also be used by various industries like automotive, construction, manufacturing, and military. One common thing about toolboxes is they can store, organise, and hold tools and hardware that can be too expensive to misplace or get lost. They may also […]

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A Brief Comparison Between COLORBOND and ZINCALUME Roof Hatches

June 20, 2023

Buildings will never be complete without a functional roof system. This system is essential to any commercial, or industrial building as it helps deter outdoor elements from going inside their respective spaces. A roof system can also regulate indoor temperatures and resist weather elements like sunlight, moisture, and so on. One part of the roof system that most buildings should possess is the roof hatch. Roof hatches are essential to the previously stated buildings since they provide safe access to the roof for maintenance, repairs, and other relevant activities. They can even help in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a […]

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Main Features of Jonda Adjustable Noggins and Where to Use Them

June 1, 2023

Jonda adjustable noggins are vital structural elements that can be maximised as support for tap sets, cisterns, and pipes thanks to their durability, adjustability, and so on. Generally, an adjustable noggin is a vital structural element in timber framing construction that can provide additional support and stability to walls, floors, and other areas of a property. One key purpose of this element is to prevent the frame from twisting or buckling. Given the importance of this element, our team at Jonda has designed an adjustable noggin that can be useful in various types of construction projects. Main Features of Jonda […]

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Primary Jonda Roof Components Folding Machines Can Process

May 15, 2023

Jonda takes advantage of folding machines in creating a wide range of roof components since they are accurate, efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and safe. Fabrication companies take advantage of various tools and equipment so they can produce the needed parts and components for their clients. At Jonda, we also capitalise on a wide range of tools and equipment pieces so we can cater to the needs of our customers. One of the machines that we use in producing quality products is a folding machine. A folding machine, also known as a press brake, is a tool commonly utilised in metal fabrication. […]

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