Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets

The Jonda Adjustable Box Gutter Bracket was created by founder John almost four decades ago and is to this day is one of our most popular products. The brackets are used to support box guttering and are simple to install thanks to their adjustable features. Available in three sizes, our brackets suit almost every job

Size 1: 250mm – 400mm
Size 2: 400mm – 650mm
Size 3: 650mm – 1000mm

Adjustable Noggin

The Jonda Adjustable Noggins were the brainchild of founder John. They are a multi-purpose universal bracket which can be used instead of timber noggins throughout the building industry. Avoid the splitting, shrinking, and breakage of timber by using the steel Jonda Adjustable Noggins on your next job. Suggested uses include tap set support, cistern support, noggins for wooden and metal frames, and pipe support.



Jonda custom-made louvres are available in a range of styles.

Louvres can be made from any type of material, and can be bird-proofed as required.

Spa Pump Cover

The Jonda Spa Pump Cover comes as a set complete with a 1.6mm thick galvanised base support and cover which is available in a range of colours and materials. The cover can easily be fixed to an external wall and includes air vents to ensure adequate air flow.

Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinet

Jonda oxyacetylene cabinets are designed for D size Colt 33 acetylene bottles used in vehicle transportation and have been safety tested.
Our design combines an easy-to-use trolley and a tidy compartment to protect torches and hoses.
The cabinet can be used to carry oxy/acetylene or two acetylene bottles enabling the transportation of a spare acetylene bottle.


  • Lightweight and more compact than any other system
  • Steel body construction
  • Airtight rubber door seal with adjustable locking mechanism
  • Fitted air vent
  • Flexible hose connection to external fresh air
  • Hose storage bracket inside the cabinet
  • Sturdy rubber wheels to facilitate complete mobility of cabinet
  • Markings on door indicating “flammable gas” as per requirements

Transport and Gas Transfer Regulations

The Victorian regulation, under the current Dangerous Goods Act 1986, prohibits the transportation of compressed (dissolved) acetylene in cylinders inside the cabin of a vehicle. Due to its broad range of flammability, acetylene is classed as 2.1 in the Dangerous Goods (Prescribed List) Regulation 1986.

Transporting cylinders inside vans, station wagons and other enclosed vehicles is considered hazardous as leaks can lead to fire or explosion.

Regulation 411(1) of the Dangerous Goods (Transport) Regulation 1987 states: “A person must not transport in an enclosed vehicle or an enclosed compartment of a vehicle and cylinder containing (a) liquefied oxygen; or (b) dangerous goods of class 2.1 or 2.3”
Regulation 411(2) (c) wavers the above prohibition to a person who transports a cylinder in accordance with an approved safety cabinet.

Roof Hatches

Roof hatches are a weather tight assembly with a hinged cover that provides roof access. No matter what project you’re working, whether you’re a homeowner, professional builder or service technician, achieving safe access to any roof is essential.

  • Optional gas struts for ease of opening and supporting lid
  • Padlockable internally
  • Available in COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME®, or galvanised

Downpipes and Accessories

The Jonda factory houses the facilities to manufacture custom downpipes and relevant accessories.
These include our Leafless Pops which are designed as a basket, sitting in the top of a downpipe to block leaves and other debris from entering the downpipe. They are suitable for 50-100mm square or round downpipe.

Tool Boxes

Jonda tool boxes can be designed and fabricated to suit your vehicle. We stock a variety of materials that can be used in tool box fabrication, such as heavy gauge steel for strength and durability. Customers have the option of designing their tool boxes to be fully lockable and water proofed, and lids can be fitted with gas struts. The locking mechanism can be incorporated into the existing central locking feature of your vehicle if requested. Please contact the office today for a quote.

Custom Cowls

Jonda custom cowls can be made from a variety of materials and finishes. Cowls can be bird-proofed upon request.

Custom Penetrations

Our custom penetrations are some of the most popular items we manufacture. Penetrations can be square or round and manufactured in a variety of materials.


Rainheads are an essential part of the façade of buildings where internal guttering is used. A rainhead is a receptacle fitted between the gutter and a downpipe that assists with the flow of water away from the roof. It acts as an overflow point which reduces water surges into the stormwater system and assists the water in flowing down the downpipe. Rainheads lessen the risk of water overflowing inside the building because they are installed externally. Increase the curb appeal of any building with a stylishly designed Jonda rainhead. Available in a range of styles and materials our rainheads are the design element your building is missing.

Leafless Gutter Guard

The Leafless Gutter Guard system was designed by director John and has been manufactured daily in our factory for the last decade. Made from non-corrosive and non-combustible 0.42 corrugated aluminium, it is available in either plain or the Bluescope range of Colorbond colors. Leafless is made from malleable aluminium and can be shaped to any roof type/profile. It is very easy and fast to install which makes Leafless a great DIY project. Due to the unique corrugated design of Leafless, leaves are blown away from your roof more effectively than when using any other gutter guard product, meaning gutters will need little or no maintenance.

Multi-fit Pops

Our Multi-Fit Pop design is another invention of director John. Available in Zincalume, Galvabond, stainless steel, and durable plastic, our multi-fit pops suit 50-100mm square and round downpipe. Adjustable legs fit into the downpipe and hold the pop securely in place while the basket-like design prevents debris from entering and blocking the downpipe. These are hugely popular in schools where rubbish often finds its way onto roofs.

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