Flashing and Guttering Disasters in Roofs: What Happens When You Choose Inferior Materials?

Custom Roof Penetrations: Take Your Home to the Next Level

Enhance your living space with custom roof penetrations from Jonda. Discover how personalised design can elevate your home. Call us at (03) 9457 1280 today! The roof of your home not only serves as a protective covering for your living space but also works as an opportunity for innovative design and functional enhancements. With the right components and customisations, you can easily transform your home by maximising a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. One of these components is the custom roof penetrations. Custom roof penetrations are intentionally designed openings or additions in a roof structure that deviate […]

Tool Box Fabrication by Jonda: Heavy Gauge Steel for Tool Storage Solutions

Protect your important tools by maximising Jonda‚Äôs tool box fabrication. Discover durability in our tool storage with heavy gauge steel. Call (03) 9457 1280. Workshops, garages, and other industrial settings often maximise a wide range of tools to ensure they can operate optimally. These tools, however, should be organised and stored appropriately to make sure they can last for a long time. Proper storage and organisation are also key towards guaranteeing their performance during work. One solution that can carry these things out is a tool box. Tool boxes, as their name implies, are important storage solutions capable of protecting […]

Custom Roof Components Made from Galvanized Steel by Jonda

Tailor your building further with custom room components from Jonda. Know the excellence of components made from galvanised steel. Call us at (03) 9457 1280. Custom roof components must be designed and built expertly to ensure roofs can protect a building’s interior. Roofing is a part of buildings that must be installed properly to make sure the structural integrity stays intact. One aspect of roofing that must be planned well is the materials. The use of customised brackets, vents, gutters and other components tailored to the building’s specific structural needs and design aesthetic is key. Proper assessment by roofing specialists […]

Jonda Adjustable Noggins: Primary Role in Modern Construction

Understand the pivotal role of Jonda adjustable noggins in modern construction projects in Melbourne. Ensure structural stability. Call us at (03) 9457 1280. Every component in a modern construction project plays a vital role in ensuring structural integrity, longevity, and adaptability. Among these components, adjustable noggins emerge as a vital part of providing essential support and versatility to the construction process. We, at Jonda, have designed and produced adjustable noggins to meet the needs of the construction industry. Understanding Jonda Adjustable Noggins Adjustable noggins are generally horizontal members placed between vertical framing elements in a building’s structure. They are typically […]

Roof Hatches from Jonda: Achieve Convenient Access Above

Ensure convenient access above your building with Jonda roof hatches. Discover the versatility and benefits of quality roof hatches. Call (03) 9457 1280 today. The rooftop of your building is meant to protect your rooms and structures from the harsh effects of weather and outdoor elements. However, your rooftop can sometimes serve as an underutilised space with immense potential. Whether for maintenance, solar panels, or just enjoying the view, having convenient access to the said place can be a great investment on your part. One way to achieve convenient access above is by installing roof hatches. Benefits of Roof Hatches […]

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