4 Signs Your Downpipes Need Immediate Replacement

May 26, 2022

The roofing system of your property has components that can save it from any damage. One of the components that it utilises is the rainwater downpipe.

A rainwater downpipe is a pipe that can direct rainwater away from your property to a drainage system. With this primary function, your property components are expected to be saved from water-related damages. Water, after all, can be damaging once it has infiltrated your roofing system, ceiling, walls, and even the foundation. Its build-up can likewise weaken your roof structure. All these issues can be prevented with the presence of a downpipe.

But like other roofing system components, your downpipes can attain issues over time. Without replacing them right away, your property may be at risk of obtaining costly damages. If your downpipes manifest the following signs, you may need to replace them immediately.

  1. Rusting Surfaces

Downpipes are typically made from metals. They are then coated with finishing materials that can resist outdoor elements. Despite their solid composition and coating, downpipes can still corrode over time. Rust may be detected on the joins and ends of the downpipes. It may also be found on the brackets used in attaching the downpipes to the wall. Once your downpipes are already filled with rust, you must replace them right away to avoid causing damage to your property.

  1. Major Cracks

If you are currently utilising PVC round downpipes on your property, you can expect them to withstand the effects of outdoor elements. However, they can be prone to cracking and splitting, especially if they are exposed to heat and other elements that may cause damaging effects. Without immediate replacement, these cracks will only allow water to leak, leading to the build-up of mildew and mould in your walls.

  1. Water Pooling

Your downpipes are designed to transport rainwater away from your property. But if you have spotted some pools of water underneath your downpipes or stormwater drain, it means that you have faulty downpipes. The continuous pooling of water on these parts only means that your downpipes are not angled correctly. Improper configuration of your downpipes may likewise result in water damage to your landscaping. Replacing your downpipes immediately can prevent water from pooling and accumulating.

  1. Hanging Downpipes

Hanging downpipes can be a serious threat to your property since they may only force other roof components to fall apart. Downpipes that are falling or pulling away from the wall mean that their fastening components like straps or astragals have become loose. It likewise signifies that your downpipes are not fitted correctly to your existing gutter. Replacing your downpipes can ensure that the risks of water leaks and property damages will be prevented.

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