5 Advantages of Having Custom Rain Gutters and Flashings for Your Roof

May 11, 2020

Roofs are made from components that help our whole property withstand weather hazards and other elements. This functionality alone prevents our home or office building from obtaining any damage and deterioration that may be caused by exposure to wind, rain, heat, and other outdoor elements.

Some components that help our roof perform its role are rain gutters and flashings. Having these components helps us obtain the protection that our property needed. Both gutters and flashings may be made from different materials like metal, plastic, or composite materials. However, the most durable and effective material for these roof components copper since it can easily adapt and adjust to weather changes without any hidden issues.

Installing custom rain gutters and flashings on your roof can give you certain advantages over other types of these components. Some advantages of installing them are the following:

Protects Roof

As mentioned, the roof is intended to protect your property from getting damages from moisture and other weather elements. With the inclusion of custom rain gutters and flashings, they can readily protect not only your property but also your roof itself. Any excess water that accumulated after heavy rainfall will be eradicated by these components so that any deterioration will be prevented. They also stop the water from penetrating the surfaces of your roof, walls, and other parts of your property.

Preserves Foundation

Apart from the roof, custom rain gutters and flashings can also readily preserve your property foundation. As both components drain the rainwater away from your roof, they ensure that the last place that it goes does not cause any harm to your whole property. Leaving and scattering any water within your property may be dangerous since it may weaken or flood your foundation. Instead, the rainwater can be rerouted to a drainage pit, rain barrel, or a rainwater collection system.

Manages Water Distribution

As previously stated, custom rain gutters and flashings can effectively divert roof rainwater away from your property. If you intend to use a rain barrel or rainwater collection system, then you may want to use the collected water for various activities like watering the plants or washing your cars. However, if you want to just get rid of the rainwater, then the rain gutters and flashings can simply deliver the rainwater to a drainage pit.

Prevents Wall Stains

If you are one of those people who want a clean property, then installing custom rain gutters and flashings for your roof can prevent your walls from being stained. Stains on your exterior wall usually come from rainwater. Once it interacts with dust, rust, and other elements, its dripping action will ultimately cause stains on your wall or even your windows. The presence of custom gutters and flashings prevents this from happening since they can drive unnecessary away from your wall.

Avoids Showers

Without custom rain gutters and flashings, you will find it difficult to control the flow of the water from your roof, especially during heavy rainfall. You may even find your property surrounded by somewhat heavy showers that are coming from the roof. Once you get out of your property, you may expect flooded outdoor spaces because of these unexpected showers. Installing rain gutters and flashings can help you channel unwanted rainwater properly.

Having custom rain gutters and flashings for your roof can help you gain all the mentioned advantages. If you want to install them, feel free to contact us at Jonda. We specialise in custom flashing and rainwater goods, such as rainheads, sumps, and pops.

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