5 Advantages of Laser Cutting in Fabricating Metal Building Features

August 8, 2022

Many aspects of building projects must be considered for them to be successful. And one aspect that project owners and contractors must reflect on thoroughly is the materials.

Choosing the best materials right from the beginning of construction projects can ensure that their resources will not be wasted. Metals are often among the top picks in terms of constructing buildings as they can provide enhanced safety. Most metals used in the construction industry can often resist impact, wear, and fire hazards. They can even withstand high impacts, corrosion, and mildew. Metals are also recyclable and affordable.

One more quality of metals that makes them great for building projects is versatility. Metals can normally undergo various processes to match the requirements of construction projects. Laser cutting, for instance, is a process that can be useful for fabricating metal building features due to its following advantages.

1. Precise Specifications

One of the most notable advantages of laser cutting in fabricating metal building features is it can provide materials with precise specifications. Precision is considered to be a trademark of laser cutting as its cutters can provide simple to complex cuts and shapes with a high degree of accuracy. Laser cutters’ ability to maintain quality standards and tight dimensional tolerances even allow them to generate building features with clean edges and smooth finishes.

2. Short Processing Times

Another advantage of laser cutting in generating metal building features is it can process these materials in a short time. The technology behind laser cutting has continuously improved for the past couple of years. And since the tools used for this process can cut through varying sizes and thicknesses of metals effectively, project owners can expect their needed building materials to be obtained in a few days. With short lead times, properties can be built in a short time too.

3. Low Energy Usage

Laser cutters allow fabricators to not only yield building features with precise specifications in a short time but also consume a low amount of energy. The advancements in technology have allowed them to use tools that only use minimal energy. During a cutting session, laser cutters nowadays can already process metal materials just by using 10kW of power. And with shorter processing, laser cutting can surely minimise energy consumption by a huge percentage.

4. Consistent Results

Precision has been the staple of laser cutting, making the process mostly utilised by metal fabricators. But laser cutting is also known for its consistency, especially if its tools are programmed with computer numerical control machines and computer-aided manufacturing software. The combination of these machines and software allows laser cutting to process and produce metal building features repeatedly without any deviations from their intended specs.

5. Less Finishing Needs

One more advantage of laser cutting in fabricating metal building features is it lessens finishing needs. The precision, accuracy, and effectiveness of laser cutting, and its accompanying tools allow them to craft metal building features without requiring delicate finishing requirements. The beams, window components, and other building materials can already attain precise cuts through laser cutting, minimising the need to spend more resources just to process them again.

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