An Overview of Jonda Adjustable Noggins and Their Main Applications

June 28, 2022

The structural integrity of your property relies on the components that will be used in fortifying it. One useful component that can be used in enhancing the structure of your property is the noggin.

Noggin, also known as nogging, is a strut or brace that can provide rigidity to a structure or framework. It is normally affixed between studs or joints, improving their overall strength and stiffness. Most of the time, noggins are used to strengthen timber stud frames, brace the floors, stiffen walls, and provide a strong fixing to parts that will be fixed shortly.

Some noggins are made from timber. Others, alternatively, are created out of metals. Here at Jonda, we use steel as the primary material for our very own Jonda adjustable noggins.

Key Features of Jonda Adjustable Noggins

Our adjustable noggins have been utilised by many property owners and contractors in a lot of construction works. What makes our noggins special is that they are made from Australian BlueScope steel, which is known for design flexibility, thermal efficiency, and guaranteed durability.

Jonda adjustable noggins can suit spacings from 330mm to 600mm. They likewise have distinct built-in setbacks that can be folded conveniently by hand. And with their adjustability, they can be set up and installed in just one minute, saving a lot of time and effort just to find the compatible noggin for a specific place. These noggins can even work with any fasteners.

The durability and adjustability of Jonda adjustable noggins make them perfect for straightening out wall studs and floor joists. They can also provide a strong fixing for things that will be affixed to structures in the future. Some great uses of Jonda adjustable noggins are cistern support, pipe support, and tap set support. They can also be utilised in wooden and metal frames.

Jonda Adjustable Noggins in the Long Run

Once Jonda adjustable noggins are utilised, you can expect them to work effectively. Of course, they must be installed appropriately first for them to last for a long time. For one, you must take the measurements at the end of the studs or joists where they would meet with the wall plate. Doing this ensures that the studs can straighten up and become parallel with one another upon installing the noggins. Staggered noggins must then be used when the blocks do not require carrying the edges of sheet materials, making their installation easier.

The presence of Jonda adjustable noggins ensures that any timber materials will not split, shrink, or break. Aside from cistern support, pipe support, and tap set support, they can also be maximised in fixing pipes between joists, fitting electrical boxes, securing bathroom waste pipes, supporting consumer units, and supporting lightweight ducting.

To gain access to Jonda adjustable noggins, you can contact us at Jonda. We specialise in custom flashing and rainwater goods, such as rain heads, sumps, and pops. We also have a wide range of original products, such as Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and the Leafless leaf-guard guttering system.

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