Avoiding Water Surges During Heavy Rainfalls: How Can Rainheads and Sumps Help?

June 17, 2019

Rainheads and sump pumps can be of great help in controlling water buildup that can damage residential and commercial property during harsh weather conditions. Modern rainheads are designed with attractive decorative features to enhance a building’s roof and gutter areas. These devices help to reduce the risk of water flow into a commercial building or home’s interior caused by water surges during severe storms with heavy rainfall. Some rainheads are specially handcrafted to align with design plans for completing the exterior of a structure. Sump pumps also provide major property protection from damaging floods by limiting accumulations of rapidly falling rain.

How Rainheads and Sumps Help Prevent Interior Building Flooding During Heavy Rainfalls

Rainheads and sump pumps that are installed to protect the interiors of your home or business property can guard against flooding in the following ways:


• Preventing Water Overflow. – When you install rainheads at a drain top, they serve as a reservoir, collecting all the water gathered by gutters into a single pool. If this water rises to a certain level, it is eliminated from the rainhead with the aid of a spout. This water is then absorbed into the ground with the rainfall. In this way, rainheads alleviate any extra stress placed on gutters by heavy rain and water accumulations.

• Reducing Water Wasting. – During extremely heavy rainfall, most of the water is lost as it flows into storm-water dispersing systems. To avoid this water lost, you can install piping that runs from the rainhead to a water tank. Another helpful plan is to position rainheads above lawns, flowerbeds and garden, so that any overflow of water will irrigate and nurture the grass and varied plant life in these areas.

• Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal. –
Since exterior plumbing is not usually overly attractive visually, many people hesitate to install rainheads to help with water drainage. However, rainheads are currently available in numerous attractive designs. They are now sold in many different shapes, such as conical, tapered, cylindrical, and colonial. These attractive rainheads can actually improve your home’s exterior design and curb appeal.

Sump Pumps

• Preventing Water and Waste Backups. – Sump pumps help to prevent water and sewage backups into homes and commercial buildings. These pumps can also help maintain low humidity levels in basements, which can decrease the development of mold and mildew in damp interior areas. If you have a basement sump pump installed in your property, it can aid in preventing flooding water from entering the premises. This versatile pump will also benefit your indoor air quality by lowering humidity counts.

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