Benefits of Roof Hatches and Why You Should Have Them Installed on Your Roof

October 16, 2019

Roof hatches are also known as access doors and are utilitarian additions for your roofs to provide fast, convenient, safe access to your roof from the inside of your structure. They are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. These elements come in numerous sizes and configuration since they are customisable. Read on to learn the benefits of installing these hatches in your roof.

1. Makes Accessing Your Roof Safe

Climbing onto your roof from the outside can be hazardous and at times, impossible, depending on the height of it. However, accessing your roof through a hatch is safe to do since it is strategically placed to ensure this benefit. In addition, you can combine these with interior ladders or stairs. Providing this type of access to your roof can help you perform necessary maintenance that helps it retain its durable, attractive condition.

2. Roof Hatches Are Available in an Assortment of Materials

In order to complement the structural components of your roof, these roof hatches come in a variety of materials, such as galvanised metal, ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND®. Choose the material that best suits your needs and preferences.

3. You Can Order Customised Access Doors

Roof hatches are customisable to suit your unique specifications. Due to the fact that roofs vary drastically in size and thickness, being able to custom order these access doors is crucial to them fitting securely in all situations.

4. The Roof Hatches Are Insulated to Ensure High Thermal Performance

While you may be worried that installing roof hatches will decrease your roof’s insulative qualities, the opposite is true. Access doors are insulated to ensure that they help your roof retains its high thermal performance.

5. Access Doors on the Roof Help to Dampen Outdoor Noise

Another benefit of installing roof hatches on your roof is that they dampen the outdoor noise to help keep your structure quieter. Traffic, kids playing, dogs barking are just some of the sounds that are successfully dampened by these access doors.

6. Roof Hatches Are Fire-Resistant

On top of all the other benefits, these hatches are resistant to fire. When you team this up with the right roofing materials, you provide your structure extra protection from fire.

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