Causes of Leaf Guard Failure

October 20, 2020

Most leaf guards use a system of perforated holes or tiny slits to filter water into a gutter and reduce the amount of leaves, pine needles and other debris that enter the system. While these gutter screens are better than having no protection at all, they’re really only delaying the inevitable. Why? Because anything with holes is vulnerable to clogs. Think about it: even a HEPA filter on a vacuum will eventually get clogged and need to be replaced.

Even leaf guards made of fine, stainless steel mesh will eventually become clogged. In fact, the smaller the openings on your leaf guard, the more vulnerable it is to clogging! Spring brings an invasion of yellow pollen, with particles small enough to penetrate even the tiniest holes in a leaf guard and clog the system. That’s why a leaf guard that relies on a screen or mesh to protect your gutters is inherently flawed. Below are some causes of leaf guard failure.

Litter Build-up

Leaf and tree litter can easily get through the leaf guards or screens and more than can completely cover them so water cannot get through. While there are varieties of guards which will help prevent leaves from covering them by using a curved design, that design creates a different problem. Small twigs and other debris can create a dam by building up against the raised portion of the guard.

Cleanup Issues

As good as they can be at keeping leaf and other debris out, they do a better job at keeping it in. In some cases, we may not be able to remove the screens at all. In this case, the choice to flush them out with pressure and get what we can or they will need to be replaced. If the brand you choose to install can be removed in sections, cleaning your gutters will be far easier, though far more time consuming as well. You may need to have them cleaned less often, but it will likely cost much more.

Solution – Leafless Leaf Guards from Jonda

Lucky for you, Jonda can offer leafless leaf guards. Leafless Leaf-guard is made up of materials that are stronger and more durable than any other gutter guard system. It is made from non-corrosive and non-combustible corrugated aluminium that can withstand any damaging elements over time. This material build can also help your roof and guttering system overcome damages from nature. Despite its strong material quality, it can still be shaped to any roof type or profile. This gutter guard is guaranteed to give your money a good run for a long time.

Aside from durability, Leafless Gutter Guard System can save you the hassle of climbing up your roof just to remove all leaves and debris. The design of this gutter guard has a patented corrugated design that can keep leaves and debris out of your roof and guttering system. Moreover, leaves and debris won’t have the chance to clog your guttering system. As soon as you install this gutter guard system, you will now be free from using the ladder just to get on your roof, preventing any accidents in the long run.

With these aforementioned benefits, leafless Leaf-guard is, without doubt, the best gutter guards out there. Luckily, it is within your reach now. Contact us at Jonda for us to provide you the full list of our products and services.


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