Guttering Supplies and Custom Flashings in Melbourne: Why Choose Jonda?

April 14, 2020

Your roofing has a lot of parts and materials that enable it to withstand any damaging elements from nature. Some elements that can be found on your roofing are the roof felt and the shingles. One element, however, that is important for your roofing is roof flashing. This part helps you shield weaker parts of your roof from water accumulation and extreme weather disturbances. It serves as your last line of defence against water, preventing it from entering other parts of your home.

The Value of Roof Flashing

Roof flashing must be considered at all costs. It is the integral roofing part that helps your home prevent significant structural damage in the long run. It counteracts any occurrence of water leaks or accumulation in your home. Good health among family members is also evident with roof flashing since it prevents any chances of mould growth. Ultimately, the installation of roof flashing can help you save money on electricity and maintenance bills.

Custom Flashing is a Must

Standard and prebuilt roof flashings can be ideal for most homes, but some properties have unique roofing qualities. Some homes are equipped with roof styles and designs that are eccentric and do not follow the traditional look. But with custom flashings, you are ensured of a protective roof element whatever your roofing design is.

  • Material: One great benefit of custom flashing is you can choose its material. You can use metal for your roof flashing, which is known to be the strongest type of material for this specific roofing element. You can select among galvanised steel, copper, and aluminium for your custom flashing. Galvanised steel is the most effective of them all, but it is also the most expensive. Copper can match well with copper rooves, while aluminium is preferred by a lot because of its malleability.
  • Location: Another advantage of custom flashing is that you can install them wherever it is needed the most. Roof flashings can be installed at the valleys, chimneys, roof penetrations, eaves, rakes, skylights, ridges, and the intersection between roof and wall. Your custom flashing can also be lapped single style, soldered, or sealed as a continuous surface or be configured with non-continuous profile to effectively defeat water surface tension and penetration.

Guttering Supplies and Flashings

When you install custom flashing, you have to get the best custom flashing and rainwater goods for your roofing. At Jonda, you are guaranteed of a wide range of original products that can help you achieve better water and weatherproofing of your home. Some guttering supplies and custom flashing accessories include the following:

  • Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets:These brackets are used to support box guttering and are available in three sizes. They are simple to install due to their adjustable parts and components.
  • Leafless Gutter Guard:This product is made from non-corrosive and non-combustible 0.42 corrugated aluminium that can help prevent leaves from getting stuck on your roof. The Leafless Gutter Guard can be shaped to any roof type and profile, enabling you to fully customise your roofing.
  • Rainheads:Rainheads are receptacles fitted between the gutter and a downpipe that assist the smooth flow of water away from your roof. They act as an overflow point that can reduce water surges into the stormwater system and assist the water when it flows down the downpipe. They can significantly reduce the risk of overflowing water inside your building since they are installed externally.
  • Multi-fit Pops: Multi-fit pops are created to prevent any debris from entering and blocking your downpipe. They come in ZINCALUME, GALVABOND, stainless steel, and durable plastic and are equipped with adjustable legs fit and basket-like design.

The use of custom roof flashings and accessories to your roofing can help your structure withstand any weather- and water-related problems when the time comes. For more information about our products, just visit us at Jonda Pty Ltd.

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