High-Quality Spa Pump Covers: Available at Jonda Pty Ltd

September 3, 2019

Since your spa pump is crucial to the proper operation of your spa, you need to not only buy a quality one, but also cover it with a durable material to protect it from the weather, if outdoors, and debris. This is not difficult to do due to the fact that there are pre-made spa pump covers on the market today. However, not all the covers are durable. To ensure that you purchase a high-quality one, turn to Jonda Pty Ltd.

About Jonda Pty Ltd

We have been in business since the early 1980s when we first opened it in our garage. From these humble beginnings, Jonda has developed into a thriving company that employs more than 20 people. Our company manufactures a wide assortment of products that range from quality adjustable box gutter brackets to spa pump covers on either a stock or customised basis.

Our Spa Covers are Made with Galvanised Material

All our spa covers are manufactured using galvanised steel. As a result, they will stand up well to the environmental elements, regardless of whether the spa is indoors or outdoors. Galvanisation of steel involves applying a zinc coating to steel to protect it from corrosion and rust. Items made with galvanised materials require little, if any, maintenance to stay in prime operating condition.

You Can Choose from a Wide Range of Colours

When you order a spa pump cover from our company, you can select from a vast array of colours. You may prefer plain galvanised or a neutral shade, such as Surfmist®, Evening Haze® or Classic Cream™. On the other hand, you might prefer one of the darker shades, such as Manor Red®, Night Sky® or Monument®.

Covers from Our Company are Easy to Install

Installation is easy with our covers since they attach to an external wall without difficulty. Since we know each spa is different in configuration, we can even customise the shape of the cover for your pump when necessary to ensure that it installs and fits securely.

We Include Air Vents in All Our Spa Covers

To guarantee adequate air flow, we place vents in our covers. Without these vents, your spa pump can overheat.

Browse through our website to learn additional facts about our high-quality spa pump covers and other products, company, materials and services. Contact us with any questions or for a quote. We even offer an order form on our site when you are ready to place your order. Our products always provide our clients with durable wear to ensure that they receive an adequate return on their investment.

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