How Can Home Owners Benefit from Jonda’s Custom Downpipes and Accessories

November 4, 2019

For over four decades, Jonda has provided products that are necessary for home improvements. Based in Heidelberg West, Jonda is one of the longest-running sheet metal fabrication businesses and is still capable of manufacturing products out of this field. The company has also introduced its wide range of products, such as Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and the Leafless Gutter Guard.

Jonda offers a wide range of home improvement products such as louvres, roof hatches, and sump. One of the most notable products of Jonda is its downpipes. Downpipes help in flushing the water collected from rainwater and wastewater out to a sewer. Without doubt, homeowners can surely enjoy Jonda’s custom downpipes and accessories because of the following benefits:

Made with Consistent Quality

Jonda has a huge selection of materials needed for the production of custom downpipes and other products. Materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper, and black steel are readily available for you to choose from. They also have a wide array of colour options to suit your taste and needs.

As with the process of developing its products, Jonda has the latest equipment in town. This helps them produce products with consistent and high quality at a fast rate. From cutting to the final packaging, Jonda’s products are assured to deliver the best products in the same line of business.

Accompanied with Leafless Pops

The custom downpipes of Jonda serve many purposes. Aside from providing a tunnel to carry waste and rainwater down to the ground, they even complemented this with Leafless pops.

Leafless pops are made from stainless steel that is situated right at the top of the downpipe. This prevents leaves and other debris from entering the pipe, making the water flow of the downpipe smoother and to avoid any clogging and blockage.

Produced Locally in Australia

Since Jonda has a capable facility in Australia, expect that all products are of the best quality and are cheaper than the ones found from others. This makes you, as a consumer, support local industry instead of one from another country. You not only owned and bought a product that you can use but also contributed to the thriving economy of the country.

Got more questions about custom downpipes? Jonda got you covered. You can contact us to know more about our custom downpipes and other accessories that you need for the improvement of your property. We are experienced in providing the best sheet metal fabrication in Australia, suitable for custom flashing and rainwater goods.

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