How to Select the Right Roof Hatch for Your Building

June 9, 2022

Buildings today utilise a roofing system to deter weather elements from reaching their interiors. The components of this system also help regulate the temperature and ventilation of the buildings. Additionally, they can divert rainwater away from these properties.

When considering the components of your building’s roofing system, you must ensure that it can function optimally. Your roof hatch, for instance, must provide service personnel with convenient and safe access to and from your entire roof or rooftop area. At the same time, it must last for a long time. It must also fit your roofing system, preventing you from wasting time and money.

To attain the best roof hatch for your building, here are some things you need to consider.


One of the things you need to consider when selecting a roof hatch is its main purpose. A wide array of roof hatches can already be purchased from the market today, which can all carry out specific functions. Most of the time, these components allow service personnel to access the roof area. Alternatively, a couple of roof hatches are produced to provide convenient access to equipment found on the roof. Once you have determined its purpose, you must consider other crucial things and factors.


After knowing its main purpose, you must now proceed with the dimensions of the roof hatch. A roof hatch meant for personnel access normally has a small, single cover. It may boast smaller dimensions, but it can still be fitted with a fixed, ship, or service stair. Now, if your roof hatch is intended to provide people with roof access while carrying some tools or parts, you must go for one with bigger sizes and multiple covers. Some manufacturers, luckily, offer a customisation option if you want to alter the associated hardware and dimensions of your roof hatch.


Another thing you need to consider when picking a roof hatch for your building is its materials. One side of your roof hatch will always be exposed to weather and outdoor elements. Without opting for a durable roof hatch, it is expected to get destroyed right away. To ensure that your roof hatch can last for a long time, you must opt for one made from high corrosion-resistant materials. Some examples of these materials are aluminium, stainless steel, and copper.


Somehow connected to the materials, you must also consider the insulation of your roof hatch. Your roof hatch may boast a different material from your main roofing system. But if it has been insulated properly, you can expect your entire roofing system to be effective in regulating the temperatures of your property. Your roof hatch must be installed and welded appropriately to provide high-quality insulation. The gasket on the roof hatch cover should be fitted optimally to prevent water and weather elements from entering.

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