Jonda Custom Louvres: Choose the Best Design and Type of Material that Fit Your Specifications

August 18, 2019

Designed to absolutely conform to a client’s singular project specifications, our custom-fabricated products can’t get the go-ahead until they receive your nod of approval. For starters, every single customer wants an end product that looks good. Stylish and attractive, the chosen alloy also has to be durable and structurally tough. The materials can’t rust or gain an unsightly coating, nor can they split or bow because of the passage of time.

Rising to the Challenge: Choosing the Product Material

The selection of the best possible material, that’s something of a subjective term. What looks good on one job might not suit a second project. Let’s use a set of architecturally appealing building louvres as an example. Installed as a sun-blocking fascia on one structure, dulled steel or specially coated aluminium slats angle out direct sunlight. The product looks stylish and interesting. On the inside, office workers can go about their duties without being blinded by the late afternoon sun. There’s even an attractive shadow cast on the floor. It looks a bit like a series of closely aligned light bars, which easily capture lazily moving dust motes. Unfortunately, attractive as this custom-designed system looks, it won’t work well elsewhere.

Introducing the Adaptability Factor

And by elsewhere, we’re talking about an air ducting system. Drawing in dust and grime, appearances are ranked as a lower priority design feature here. The entire product could be concealed, hidden out of the way on a rooftop. Still, a tailor fabricated order has been received, so the slatted aperture has to at least look a little trendy. More importantly, the chosen metal must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Also, unlike the window or lobby slats, these duct dampeners have to be adjustable. So far so good, even a lowly duct dampener can’t escape a custom-fabricated designer’s attention, it seems. The same goes for rolled ridge capping, for tightly applied guttering folds and attention-grabbing rooftop features that other, design-agnostic builders simply cannot accommodate.

As a quick question, we’re left to wonder about supply and demand. Do architects and building planners desire custom-fabricated structural accents? Well, they want tailored designs that perform everyday functions. They block the sun, channel air, prevent rain from penetrating roofing tiles, etc. As functionally serviceable products, an average steel fabrication company can probably meet the requirements of such everyday design specifications. However, sure to satisfy the most functional client demand and more, we strive to exceed conventional expectations. Going above and beyond all commonly held design aspirations, we select materials and metal profiling techniques that are as exceptional as they are functional.

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