Jonda Vehicle Tool Boxes: Custom Designed According to Your Needs

April 23, 2020

Believe it or not, a lot of vehicle owners do not have a tool box on their cars. They even skip getting this essential item since they believe that it just adds clutter to their already crowded vehicles. While they can get bulky, tool boxes can bring enhanced storage experiences for car owners out there. After all, your car repair tools and products must be stored in a readily accessible place.

Benefits of Vehicle Tool Boxes

You need to own a tool box in your vehicle as it brings numerous benefits. One of the benefits of having a tool box is it promotes better organisation of your things. The presence of a tool box in your car helps you organise your vehicle repair and maintenance tools properly. You can even save a lot of time with this box since all your things can already found in one place.

Another great benefit of having a tool box is it prevents any substantial damages. If your repair tools are scattered all over your vehicle, there is a huge chance that they can give your car dents, scratches, and other damages. Your tools themselves might get damaged if they are not stored in one place. Tool box enables the safe storage of your products and protects your vehicles from damages.

Tool boxes also allow you to bring your tools whenever and wherever you are. Most of them are very compact in size, which can fit your car effortlessly. Using them is also a breeze since they work like a regular tool box that can be found in our homes.

Customise Your Tool Boxes 

At Jonda, we heavily believe that tool boxes must be customised to meet your needs and preferences. We know that each of us has different uses for tool boxes. With premade tool boxes, it would be impossible for you to store some of your bulky and heavy repair tools. Even the material will be different from your preference as premade tool boxes are fabricated in large quantities.

Jonda tool boxes are designed and fabricated to suit your needs. We have a variety of materials that you can pick and select for your tool box. Some of our materials include heavy gauge steel, aluminium, black steel, and many more. We also allow you to pick your preferred colour for your tool box. Colours such as classic cream, deep ocean, manor red, and pale eucalypt can be incorporated with your custom tool box.

Your tool box can also have an option to be fully lockable and obtain waterproofing. It can also have lids that are fitted with gas struts. If you want, the locking mechanism of our custom tool box can also be incorporated into the existing central locking feature of your vehicle.

If you want to create and purchase your vehicle tool box, just give us a call. We at Jonda can deliver your products for your optimum convenience.

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