Know More About VarioBend and Apron Folders for Flashing and Guttering

May 9, 2021

Variobend’s superior speed is immediately apparent when seen in action. To demonstrate its impressive performance, a metal sheet was folded in Jonda’s workshop to produce a flashing. Each fold took less than three seconds and was performed to extremely high precision. No handling by an operator was required as the process of manipulating and positioning the metal is fully automated.

VarioBend for Flashing and Guttering

The Variobend folding machine delivers efficiency savings in more ways than just speed. The machine only requires a single operator, the system’s user-friendly design simplifies back-up staff training considerably, and the innovative operating system reduces machine downtime even further.

Programming of the machine by Jonda can be done offline without interference/interruption of ongoing production. Customers send in their jobs via email or by SMS; the required panels often drawn only in rough sketches. The machines’ software converts these pictures into a running program. A full job folder for that specific customer is then sent to the Variobend, where the operator opens up that directory and selects the requested panels. The operator is therefore continuously folding without the need for time-consuming reprogramming of the machine.

Such a machine is definitely is definitely useful in keeping up with a certain demand especially with flashing and guttering goods. It is very fast; probably one of the fastest machines on the market at the moment; and the hydraulics are far superior to comparable competitors. It saves a lot of time, plus the way it folds up and down means the boys don’t have to spin the jobs around. It’s all computerized with drawings on the screen.

The Variobend operating system runs on open-source software and can therefore be used by the customers themselves. They can directly input their drawings into the system remote – even from an actual roof where a specific flashing or gutter is required – streamlining and speeding up the process further!

Here at Jonda our main focus is flashing and guttering, and has been for over 35 years. We have facilities to produce flashing up to 8 metres long in a range of materials. Thanks to our automatic slitting line we are able to produce large volumes of flashing quickly with turnaround time generally being less than 24 hours, depending on the job.

Our state of the art Variobend and SWI twin apron folders are able to achieve a number of intricate folds that are impossible on most other machines. Not only can these machines create a number of tight folds, they are also able to produce roll top ridge capping and barge roll up to 8 metres in length. We fold all flashing to customer specifications, including tapered and curved flashing.


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