Maintain the Safety of Your Building by Adding a Roof Hatch from Jonda

February 20, 2023

Your building can only be completed with the construction and installation of the roof.

With this vital component, your rooms and spaces inside the building will be protected from outdoor elements like heat, UV rays, rainfall, strong winds, and dust. Your roof can also deter birds, pests, and others from entering your property. It can likewise provide insulation, allowing your property to retain heat or cool air during specific seasons of the year. Ultimately, your roof can provide structural support to your property.

To effectively enjoy the features of a roof, it should be comprised of all essential components. Some of these components include the decking, underlayment, vents, rafters, rafter, ridge, collar beam, joists, and flashing. One more component it should possess is a roof hatch.

An Overview of a Roof Hatch

A roof hatch or a roof access hatch is a component that allows you and others to access flat roof components. It serves as a door and entryway to your roof. Once you open its covering, you can swiftly access your flat roof surface and carry out whatever you intend to do.

Generally, a roof hatch is comprised of the upstand and the cover. The upstand is the component you often install on the roof, while the cover is responsible for closing off the former. Both parts must be insulated so that no heat or cool air may escape through the roof hatch whenever it is closed. The insulation value of these components may be determined by the insulation type used, its thickness, and thermal separation.

Roof Hatches Maintain Safety

As a building owner, you must be responsible for the overall safety of those who need to access your roof areas. Through the addition of a quality roof hatch, you can ensure that these people can remain safe throughout their ingress and egress to the roof.

A roof hatch, as mentioned earlier, grants access to the flat surface of your roof. This access can be helpful if ever repairs and maintenance must be done to roof components. Additionally, this access allows people to safely egress and ingress to the roof, which can be beneficial during the said services. A roof hatch on your building can likewise deter and discourage the use of a ladder when accessing the roof area. Ladders, after all, tend to be wobbly sometimes. They can also get wet if it rains, which can potentially cause people to slip and fall.

Other Benefits of a Roof Hatch

Many more benefits can be obtained once you add a roof hatch to your building. First, it can ensure that your property will be secured. Some burglars may find ways to enter your building. With a quality roof hatch, you can make sure that these people will not be able to destroy it. And if you pair it with your trusty lock, your property will be guaranteed to be secure.

Property protection is likewise boosted with the installation of a quality roof hatch. Harsh exterior elements can easily deteriorate your rooms and the items they maximise. A roof hatch, fortunately, does not allow external elements from passing through. Even the water from rainfall will not be able to enter your roof and ceiling area as long as the roof hatch is closed properly.

If you want a quality roof hatch for your property, you can contact us at Jonda. We can manufacture roof hatches out of Colorbond, Zincalume, or galvanised materials. Our roof hatches are likewise pad-lockable internally and can be paired with optional gas struts.

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