Make Your Building Sustainable by Using Copper Wall Cladding

August 23, 2022

Sustainability has been prominent in the construction industry these days as the world tries to improve the well-being of the people as well as the condition of the environment. And with this goal in mind, various construction companies are now utilising materials that can make their projects eco-friendly and ecological.

One material that many construction companies are now using is copper. Copper itself is a malleable and ductile material that can be a good conductor of heat and electricity. This material is also resistant to corrosion, microbes, and other similar elements.

With these qualities alone, copper has been useful in generating indoor and outdoor architectural elements like roofs, expansion joints, and gutters. Another architectural element that can be made from copper is wall cladding.

Key Benefits of Copper Wall Cladding

If you are currently looking for the best wall cladding material for your property, you can never go wrong with ones made from copper. Copper wall cladding can provide the following benefits that other wall cladding options do not offer.

  • Durable: When going for copper wall cladding, you can expect it to last for a long time since it is durable. Since wall cladding will often be exposed to surrounding elements, it must be made from a material that can resist them effectively. Fortunately, copper can effectively resist moisture and heat, making your wall cladding long-lasting. It can also resist corrosion, which helps preserve not only its service life but also its appearance.
  • Antimicrobial: As mentioned earlier, copper can resist microbes and other similar elements. And by using this material for your wall cladding, you can assure that your property will be free from disease-generating elements. The chances of deadly bacteria growing on your property will be kept to a minimum due to the existence of copper wall cladding. This benefit allows your occupants to be safe from most illnesses.
  • Cost-Effective: One more key benefit of copper wall cladding is it is cost-effective. The cleaning and maintenance requirements of copper wall cladding are more minimal compared to other wall cladding options, which makes their upkeep costs low. And since it stays durable for a long time, any need for repairs and replacements will be reduced throughout its service life, making the wall cladding cost-effective.

Copper Wall Cladding is Sustainable

Now, one feature of copper wall cladding that can make it valuable for your property is it is sustainable. One of the few things that make this wall cladding option sustainable is it is recyclable. Some wall cladding options can be difficult to collect and recycle as they tend to get damaged during the recycling process. Copper wall cladding, fortunately, can be saved and reprocessed again so it can become useful copper materials again.

Another thing that makes copper wall cladding sustainable is it is energy-efficient. Energy efficiency is a primary quality that sustainable products would often possess. Since copper wall cladding can effectively regulate the temperature of your building, you can easily save tons of money and energy with this structural material. The longevity of copper wall cladding likewise makes this material sustainable since you do not have to replace it all the time.

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