Plasma Profile Cutter in Custom Fabrication Jobs

October 10, 2022

Businesses carrying out fabrication jobs possess compatible tools and equipment that can effectively process a wide array of materials and generate different parts and products. One of the materials they normally the process is metal.

Metal is a material often processed by fabrication companies thanks to its accompanying durability and longevity. Its malleability even allows fabrication companies to customise its shape and form factor based on the products they distribute to their customers. But as mentioned before, a compatible tool must be present to conveniently process metals. One tool a fabrication company must possess is a plasma profile cutter.

A plasma profile cutter uses an enhanced jet of hot plasma to cut thin to thick metals. Once it is connected to a computer numerical control (CNC) software, it is expected to provide tons of benefits to custom fabrication jobs. Some of the benefits of plasma profile cutter are as follows.

Enhanced Productivity

Productivity is expected to be enhanced when maximising a plasma profile cutter in custom fabrication jobs. You see, these jobs require a tool that can accommodate custom dimensions and requirements without committing mistakes and material wastage. Fortunately, the connection of the plasma profile cutter to CNC software can ensure that custom fabrication jobs can be carried out without producing the mentioned issues. Even with prolonged operations, companies can expect this tool to create many products with minimised heat damage.

Unrivalled Efficiency

One concern over automated tools is their overall energy consumption. But with the improvements to these tools, fabrication companies can produce different products without costing too much energy. One reason behind the efficiency of these tools like the plasma profile cutter is they do not require pre-heating and cooling. They can also perform processes as soon as everything is set up, cutting the time needed to prepare everything. So, when handling custom fabrication jobs, manufacturers can fully maximise plasma profile cutters.

Remarkable Versatility

Aside from enhancing productivity and improving efficiency, a plasma profile cutter can also boost versatility. Custom fabrication jobs often deal with different types of materials in creating the parts needed by customers or clients. Luckily, a plasma profile cutter can effectively handle different types of metals like steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and brass. This tool can even be set in various operational settings to accommodate the dimensions and other properties of these materials, making sure that it can process different products.

Boosted Convenience

One more thing about the plasma profile cutter that makes it great for custom fabrication jobs is it can boost convenience. The connection of a plasma profile cutter to software makes everything smooth and convenient as it does not require workers to personally control the tool. Instead, it maximises a computer to control the movement and behaviour of the tool. Convenience is even enhanced as the control over the tool is straightforward, making the onboarding costs significantly lower. Ultimately, this tool protects workers from any harm.

At Jonda, we ensure that our parts and products are generated by tools that feature these benefits. Our plasma profile cutter, therefore, ensures that each job will be identical and of the highest quality. We can likewise ensure that our jobs will feature a speedy turnaround despite working with difficult profiles. To know more about this tool, you can call us at (03) 9457 1280.

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