Prevent Roof Leaks by Identifying Roof Damage as Early as Possible

November 20, 2022

The roofing system of your building plays a pivotal role in keeping your property safe from heat, rain, and other weather elements. It can also deter insects, falling leaves, and other debris from entering your property unattended. Your roofing system can likewise provide insulation and retain heat or cool air during specific seasons.

All the functions of your roofing system, however, can only be maximised fully if it does not have any damage. Without regular inspection and upkeep, your roofing system may start to show some signs of wear and tear. It may even start to corrode, which may lead to more damage and issues along the way.

But one specific issue with a roofing system that can pose tons of problems and effects on your property is the existence of leaks.

Primary Causes and Effects of Roof Leaks

If you or others spot some water droppings and markings on your ceiling or walls, you may have to check your roofing system for any leaks. The existence of roof leaks can be caused by many factors that can later lead to damages and issues on your property.

One potential cause of roof leaks is the continuous use of old roofing components. Some roof shingles can break, crack, and dry out when exposed to weather elements for years. Without replacing them, they can eventually allow weather elements to infiltrate the property and damage the walls, ceilings, and other parts of the building.

Another cause of roof leaks is clogged gutters. Gutters are intended to transport rainwater away from your property. If they are already jammed with leaves, sticks, and dirt, the rainwater will not have any place to go but accumulate on your roof area and infiltrate your property.

Damages on your chimney, roof vents, and flashing can likewise lead to roof leaks. Without resolving these issues, they can lead to the spread of mould and mildew. Roof leaks can likewise generate health concerns, fire hazards, and high energy bills.

Identify Roof Damage as Early as Possible

To prevent roof leaks from wreaking havoc, you must identify any potential roof damage early.

One way to identify roof damage is to inspect your roofing system externally. The inspection of your roof from the outdoors can help you identify and spot damaged or missing shingles. You can also check the condition of your chimney, roof flashing, gutters, and ventilation pipes and confirm if they have also obtained some damage or not. Once damages have been found, you may have to repair or replace them entirely. Mould, decay, crack, stains, and tears are some of the most common damages you may find on your roofing system.

Aside from outdoor inspection, you can also identify roof damage as early as possible once you inspect the condition of your property internally. The existence of stains and moisture marks on your walls and ceilings is a clear indication of a damaged roofing system.

Once damages have been identified, you can call in a professional to have them serviced. Now, if you need to replace your roofing system components like louvres, ventilation, flashing, guttering, and many more, you may want to purchase from us at Jonda.

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