Reasons Why Roof Gutters and Flashings Should Not be Taken for Granted

July 16, 2019

Roof gutters and flashings should never be neglected or taken for granted. They both provide essential protection from the accumulation of water and debris that can weaken and damage your home’s roofing, walls and underlying structure. In fact, many worldwide localities today require the installation of gutters on all new homes under construction for the safety of home dwellers and their neighbours. Even new gutters will only protect your home from water damage if they are kept clean and free of debris.

Aside from causing serious harm to the eaves of your house, clogged gutters can result in stagnant water accumulations that encourage the breeding of mosquitoes. Also, leaves clogging your gutters can create a fire hazard during dry weather. Accumulations of both water and debris can cause gutter deterioration and serious weakening that will eventually make your gutters useless for protecting the roof and structure of your home.

Wherever a joint, entry point or connection exists in your roofing today, there is the potential for water to penetrate your roof and damage your home’s structure and interiors. To prevent this type of water damage, builders and roofing experts install flashing for protection. Flashing, which is now made mainly of durable metals like copper and sheet metals formed from alloys of steel, aluminium and zinc, is secured over the joints and connecting or entry points on your roof to prevent water leakage and damage to your home.

Older homes may still have lead flashing, but the use of lead is now considered a threat to human and animal health as well as a serious hazard to the environment. Rubber and plastic flashing are also used widely today due to their cost-efficiency, although they are not as durable as metal flashing materials.

More Important Reasons Why Roof Gutters and Flashings Should Not Be Taken for Granted

Additional reasons why you should never take your home’s roof gutters and flashings for granted include the following serious problems that can occur from their neglect or poor upkeep:


• Leaking gutters can cause loose, unstable soil around a house foundation.

• Flooding beneath houses and in basements may occur from water spillage from weak or broken gutters.

• Water damage can occur to a home’s siding, brick or stone masonry from leaking gutters.

• Exterior home doors and overhead garage doors can be damaged by water overflow from clogged gutters.

• Sidewalks, driveways, patios, terraces or decks adjoining houses may settle or crack due to water overflowing from poorly maintained gutters.


• Sections of roofing may crack or separate if flashings deteriorate or loosen.

• Your roofing and ceilings on the upper floor of your house may accumulate leaking water from damaged flashings and sag or collapse.

• Waterproofing and insulation materials beneath roofing may deteriorate and lose effectiveness due to worn flashings and water leakage.

• Even slight breakage or separation in you roof’s flashing material may require costly and frequent roof repairs or replacement.

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