Roof Durability Against Outdoor Elements: Invest in High Quality Jonda Products

January 9, 2023

A building will never be complete without a roof. A roof is installed to ensure that the occupants will be safe from weather elements. It can also deter insects and other outdoor debris from entering the vicinity of the building. Another purpose of a roof is to draw water away from the property, keeping it safe from costly structural damages.

Since it will always be exposed to outdoor elements, the roofing system of a building should be filled with the right components. These components must be made from elements that resist moisture, heat, corrosion, and other damaging factors. They should also be installed and maintained regularly to effectively prolong their service life.

Factors Affecting Your Roofing Performance

Knowing the factors that affect the performance and longevity of your roofing can help you incorporate the right elements for the said part. Some of these factors are as follows.

• Weather Elements: Weather elements like the sun, wind, and rain can all affect the roofing system of your property. The sun’s rays, for instance, can break and crack your roof shingles over time. Strong winds can then blow off your roof components, generating debris that can damage nearby structures. Heavy rainfall can also be damaging to your roof since it can cause moisture-related problems like mildew and rot.

• Surrounding Trees: Your building may be surrounded by healthy trees. But as the wind blows strongly, the branches of these trees may gradually scrape off your roofing material. These branches may also generate roof punctures during storms, allowing water and other debris to enter your beloved property.

• Overall Material: The performance of your roofing can be affected by the materials used. Roofing materials like asphalt shingles may last up to 25 years. Tiles and metals can likewise last for a long time. Others, alternatively, may get damaged right away when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

• Underlayment: Your roof can perform optimally if it is paired with a heavy-duty roofing underlayment. This component can prevent leaks, disintegration, and mould from occurring or developing. It can also add strength to the roof and prevent slippage.

Jonda Products Can Reinforce Your Roofing

Many more factors can affect the longevity and performance of your roofing. However, to ensure that it can carry out its functions optimally, you must pair it with the following Jonda offerings.

• Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets: These brackets can be effective in supporting box guttering. They can be installed through their adjustable components. To date, the sizes of these brackets can range between 250 and 1000mm.

• Custom-Made Louvres: Jonda custom-made louvres can boast varying styles such as standard, gabled, and round. These louvres can be opened and closed whenever necessary, allowing your home to respond to weather elements and control natural light.

• Roof Hatches: Roof hatches are weather-tight assemblies paired with a hinged cover. They provide roof access, which can be perfect for performing roofing maintenance. They can be integrated with optional gas struts. These products can be made with COLORBOND, ZINCALUME, or galvanised materials.

• Leafless Gutter Guard: The Leafless Gutter Guard system is made from non-corrosive and non-combustible 0.42 corrugated aluminium. It can prevent leaves from reaching your gutters, downpipes, and other related components.

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