Screen Rainwater Effectively by Installing Rain Heads from Jonda

July 25, 2022

Many properties today are fitted with rainwater tanks to effectively collect rainwater or stormwater run-off from their roofs, preventing the waterways from getting flooded immediately. Once these tanks become full, they will then redirect excess water into the nearest stormwater drainage system.

What is great about rainwater tanks is they can be utilised as an alternate water source for flushing toilets, washing clothes, washing cars, and watering gardens. This specific purpose can help property owners save potable water. Another advantage of maximising these tanks is they can reduce flood peaks and site run-off, protecting the foundation and structural integrity of the properties from possible damages. Even the stormwater drainage system is protected from the strain possibly caused by stormwater.

The rainwater tanks, however, can only be fully maximised if they receive quality rainwater. And one notable way of attaining fresh rainwater is to install rain heads.

An Overview of Rain Heads

Rain heads, also known as leaf eaters, are special structural components often installed at the top of pipes that are connected to the stormwater tank. In some cases, however, they can also be built onto the guttering itself. As the rainwater flows from the roof into the downpipes, the rain heads utilise their built-in drain filter to effectively prevent leaves, sticks, insects, and others from entering the said pipes. This specific function of rain heads makes them effective in obtaining fresh rainwater.

Aside from their drain filter, rain heads also feature an overflow mechanism, which is intended to deter water build-up. By stopping water from accumulating on the roof, properties are expected to be protected from damages caused by excessive moisture.

Key Benefits of Rain Heads

If you currently maximise a rainwater tank, you can surely take advantage of rain heads. Rain heads, after all, can give you the following.

  • Quality Filtration: One great benefit of rain heads is they can provide quality filtration to the rainwater. As mentioned earlier, rain heads have a drain filter or mesh screen that allows them to effectively prevent leaves, sticks, insects, and others from passing through the pipes. The absence of these elements can make your rainwater clean and usable.
  • Quick Screening: Another benefit of rain heads is they can screen the water quickly. Installing rain heads can effectively make the screening process so much easier as they can already filter rainwater right before it enters the pipes and the rainwater tank. With clean rainwater, you can expect your tank and even the pipes to be protected from potential damage.
  • Minimised Upkeep:One more benefit of rain heads is they can minimise the upkeep requirements of your rainwater tank and other components of your roofing system. With their effective filtration, rain heads can ensure that you do not have to clean and maintain these components all the time.

Buy Rain Heads from Jonda

Rain heads can surely provide tons of benefits to your property, especially if you maximise a rainwater tank. Fortunately, they can still be used despite not having a tank. After all, their main purpose is to prevent excessive elements from entering the gutter and the downpipes freely. They also intend to prevent water surges into the stormwater system.

If you need quality rain heads for your property, you can contact us at Jonda. Our rain heads are available in a range of styles and materials, making sure that your property will not only be protected from water overflow but can also still boast an improved curb appeal.

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