Store Acetylene and Oxygen Cylinders Properly with Jonda Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinets

October 25, 2022

Different industries utilise compressed gases in carrying out their operations. One of these gases is acetylene. Acetylene can produce alkenes and solvents so they can generate plastic materials. Cutting, brazing, and metallurgical heating also rely on this element.

Oxygen is another element that industries use. When refining metals, industries use oxygen to carry out the said process. This element is also used in processing petroleum, ceramic, glass, paper, and metals. It can even be used in industrial effluent treatment facilities and buildings.

These two gases are essential in conducting tons of industrial processes. They must, however, be stored and transported carefully when carrying out remote activities.

The Hazards of Acetylene and Oxygen Cylinders

Various machining processes can use pure oxygen. One thing that makes it useful for these processes is it can accelerate the combustion of other gases. This property, however, makes it dangerous when stored closely with flammable gases. Hence, it should be stored in a cylinder to avoid intense fires and deadly explosions.

Like oxygen, acetylene should also be stored in a cylinder as it cannot be used purely. It can only be used when combined with a gas mixture dissolved in a solvent. Without proper storage, acetylene can create intense heat and explosions out of its interaction with oxidising agents.

But even though these elements are stored in cylinders, they should still be handled optimally. Acetylene cylinders, for instance, should not be exposed to too much heat that may come from direct sunlight, hot works, and industrial plant. They should also prevent flashbacks from welding and contact with sparks, static electricity, or other ignition sources to prevent fires and explosions. Oxygen cylinders must also be handled properly to prevent gas leaks.

Utilising Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinets

Most risks and hazards associated with acetylene and oxygen cylinders are often caused by improper handling and storage. Once these cylinders are dropped, they can disrupt the stable state of the gases inside, causing violent reactions like fires and explosions.

To ensure that the cylinders will be stored safely, industries must maximise mobile oxy/acetylene safety cabinets from Jonda. Jonda oxy/acetylene safety cabinets are designed for D-size Colt 33 acetylene cylinders used in vehicles. These cabinets have been safely tested, ensuring that they will not cause issues with the cylinders.

Jonda oxy/acetylene safety cabinets then feature a tidy compartment to protect hoses and torches. These cabinets are capable of carrying up to two cylinders for transport.

When compared to other safety cabinets, Jonda’s offerings are more compact and lighter. They are also stronger due to their steel body transaction. Safety is likewise prioritised as they feature an airtight rubber door sealing, adjustable locking mechanism, fitted air vent, and safety markings as per requirements. Ultimately, these cabinets have sturdy rubber wheels for mobility and a flexible hose connection to external fresh air.

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