The Advantages of Choosing Custom Made Cowls

November 19, 2019

When we use our stoves or fireplaces, all the smoke from these places come out of our properties through the chimney. Chimneys help us prevent gases or smoke from entering our rooms. Just imagine if the smoke from your fireplace gets back to your room. This scenario can be disastrous right away since both the smoke and fire from your furnace will eventually crawl back and engulf your property.

What makes chimneys so special is their ability to release all unnecessary smoke and gas outside through our rooftops. However, there are still some things that might happen if we solely rely on our chimneys. One of these is the downdraft in chimneys. Downdraft, or smoking problems, can still occur if we don’t have the necessary accessories on our chimneys. In a day with fair weather, chimneys don’t experience downdraft because the flow of the smoke is uninterrupted. However, in windy weather, the updraft or the release of air into the atmosphere is blocked by the strong wind and pressure.

Enter Chimney Cowls

One essential accessory that you must have with your chimneys is cowling. Chimney cowls are covers that help increase the updraft and prevent hazardous backflow. These cowls block the strong wind from blowing the smoke and other gaseous elements back into our properties.

Cowls can give us numerous benefits. One advantage of installing chimney cowlings is the prevention of hazardous backflow. As mentioned, these coverings stop the outside wind from giving us back the smoke that we have emitted from our fireplace or stove. Through the cowls, we are saved from potential health and fire risk.

Another advantage of installing cowls is the maintenance of our clean rooms. Since cowls can help boost the updraft of the chimneys, the smoke from our place will go directly outside our properties. Our rooms don’t have to pick up the marks of the smoke, ashes, and other by-products of the fire we have created.

Adding to the advantage of installing cowls is the prevention of animals and other materials from nesting our chimneys. We don’t want to have a chimney that has no entry and exit points for our smoke. Animals like birds and squirrels might find a way to enter our chimney and lay down wastes straight to our chimneys. Cowls can also effectively stop rain and snow from entering our chimneys.

Having Custom Made Cowls

Companies who are manufacturing cowls release such products in a way that is fixed on the market. However, some of them resort to customising the cowls according to one’s preferences.

Not all cowls can fit the chimneys of all houses. Chimney sizes vary depending on the property’s architecture. There may be a range for the chimney size, but having a custom made cowl is better than buying a premade one.

Moreover, a custom made cowl can be made from a variety of materials and finishes. You don’t want to see your property sports a different design language that can get ugly as you stare your roof a little bit longer. You have the option to match the material and finish of your cowl to the existing look of your roof or chimney.

Another great thing about custom made cowls is that you can install some mesh netting if you want. This added feature will depend on the location of your home. If you live in dry areas, the wire meshes on the cowlings can serve as spark deflectors.

Adding an accessory on your chimney can do great things as you encounter harsh environmental conditions. You’ll never know when they will come to you. So, if you want to protect your property while using your chimney, contact us at Jonda. We can provide you original high-quality products for your roof protection.

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