The Benefits of Installing Custom Roof Flashings

June 7, 2019

All roofs are made up of multiple components and materials that all work together to prevent the weather and natural elements from entering your house or building. One important component should be custom roof flashings. These are located in areas of special needs to ensure that water does not seep through into your structure. Without the use of flashings, your roof will not provide optimal protection. In the following, we provide additional information about roof flashing and its benefits.

What Is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashings are strips of copper, aluminium, stainless steel, black steel, galvanised sheet metal and other durable metals. There are a variety of brands of flashing material out there, and they are not all of equal quality. It is crucial to choose the most durable. The flashings act as a sealer at the roof’s various joints to ensure that water stays out of your structure. Wherever different surfaces come together on the roof, the roofers should install flashing along with the other roofing components and materials.

Advantages of Installing Custom Roof Flashings

• Customised flashings are made to meet your unique specifications and needs. As a result, they fit more securely on your roof than stock ones will in almost every case.

• Custom flashings are created with higher-quality materials and workmanship than stock ones are for your home or building.

• Customised roof flashings ensure that your roof lasts as long as it should for your protection, regardless of its style, size or roofing surface material.

• Ensures that your roof is up to the local building codes in your area. These codes vary drastically, so you need to check with the appropriate authorities in your area to learn the ones that pertain to your building or house.

• Since custom roof flashings fit better than stock ones do, they provide greater water protection for your structure.

• If you are a professional roofer rather than a property owner, installing custom roof flashings can lead to greater customer satisfaction. In turn, this can lead to additional business and profits for you.

The Most Common Areas for the Use of Flashing

While you may be familiar with the fact that flashing is necessary where a chimney meets the roof, flashing also is important in the following areas:

• Roof valleys
• Eaves
• Roof penetrations
• Rakes
• Ridges
• Skylights
• Roof to wall intersections
• Other places depending upon the roof’s design

For further facts about the benefits of installing custom roof flashings, consult with Jonda PTY LTD. We specialise in manufacturing a wide assortment of flashing and guttering. Also, with over 35 years of experience, we deliver the highest-quality results with each order quickly and efficiently.

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