The Essence of Protecting Spa Bath Pumps with Spa Pump Covers

April 26, 2023

Many properties take advantage of spa bath systems to effectively draw water from one part to another until it reaches the bathrooms, outdoor spaces, or dedicated spa rooms. Normally, these systems can be found in residential homes, resorts, hotels, and spaces.

These properties utilise spa bath systems due to their therapeutic benefits, which include relaxation, stress relief, and improved circulation. These systems are also used for hydrotherapy, which works by using water to promote healing and pain relief for various conditions like muscle strains, arthritis, and sports injuries. Ultimately, they can be used for recreational purposes like entertainment and relaxation.

To make sure spa bath systems work, their spa bath pumps should be protected. After all, they help in circulating water, activating spa jets, filtering the spa water, inducing air into the same water, and heating the water.

The Working Principles of Spa Pump Covers 

One way to protect spa bath pumps from potential damage from surroundings is through spa pump covers. Spa pump covers are protective covers that can shield spa bath pumps from the elements. These covers are often made from high-quality materials like PVC, polyester, or vinyl. They can also be made from metals and may come in various colours and sizes.

Through custom fabrication works, these covers can suit specific spa pump models conveniently. Custom works from reliable companies also allow spa pump covers to snugly fit around pumps, making sure they are completely covered and secured against moisture, debris, and other environmental factors that can damage the pumps and other spa pump system parts.

Spa Pump Covers are Essential Investment

There are many reasons why spa bath pumps should be protected with spa pump covers.

  • Moisture Protection: One of the reasons spa pump covers should be integrated alongside spa bath pumps is they can protect the latter from moisture. Spa bath systems and their components will always be exposed to water. Without any protective elements, water or moisture can easily expose the pumps to corrosion, rust, and other forms of damage. Subsequently, system performance may reduce significantly until the pumps fail. Spa pump covers can conveniently ensure the systems will remain dry and functional.
  • Debris Deterrent: Spa pump covers must also be present in spa bath systems as they can deter debris like leaves, dirt, and insects from infiltrating their primary components. These debris elements can conveniently affect the general operations of the pumps. Failure to add spa pump covers will only allow these things from entering the system components, which may only lead to blockages and shorten lifespan.
  • UV Rays Protection:¬†Another element that spa pump covers can deflect is UV rays. UV rays from the sun can be devastating to spa bath pumps over time. As time passes, the pump components may fade, become brittle, and crack. Upon the addition of spa pump covers spa, bath pumps will remain working for a long time.

The type of protection provided by spa pump covers to the spa bath pumps makes them an ideal investment for properties that maximise spa bath systems.

At Jonda, they come as a set complete with a 1.6mm thick galvanised base support and cover, which is available in a range of colours and materials. They can be fixed to an external wall, including air vents to ensure proper and adequate airflow.

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