The Importance of Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinets in Transporting Dangerous Goods

September 19, 2019

In Victoria, Australia, a person is prohibited from transporting compressed or dissolved acetylene in cylinders inside a vehicle cabin according to the Dangerous Goods Act of 1986. Since this substance is highly flammable, it is classified as 2.1 as specified in the Dangerous Goods (Prescribed List) Regulation of 1986. The authorities consider that transporting this hazardous substance in enclosed vans, cars and other types of vehicles due to the fact that even minor leaks can cause an explosion or a fire to occur. The regulation 411(1) in the Dangerous (Transport) Regulation of 1987 dictates that an individual should not transport a cylinder containing dangerous substances of classes 2.1 or 2.3, or liquefied oxygen in an enclosed vehicle compartment or an enclosed vehicle. However, regulation 411(2) (c) waves this prohibition if the person transports the cylinder in an approved safety cabinet. This is where the mobile oxy/acetylene safety cabinet from our company, Jonda PTY LTD, comes into this discussion since it has been fully safety tested and complies with the requirements of regulation 411 (2) (c).

About Our Mobile Oxy/Acetylene Safety Cabinets

We designed these cabinets to transport size D Colt 33 acetylene bottles in various types of vehicles. Also, we safety tested their construction thoroughly to ensure that there will be no leaks or other issues. The cabinet combines a compartment to protect hoses and torches with a trolley that is easy to use. This cabinet can be used to carry an oxy/acetylene bottle or two acetylene bottles.

Specific Features in This Cabinet

• More lightweight and compact than other types of carrying systems, which makes this cabinet easier to load, transport and unload when needed.

• The steel construction of the body makes the cabinet durable and long-lasting. It can stand up to daily use.

• A rubber airtight door seal with an adjustable locking mechanism ensures the cabinet stays closed securely during transport.

• Fitted air vent provides adequate ventilation to the cabinet, as does the flexible hose connection for external fresh air.

• The storage bracket for the hose in the cabinet keeps the hoses organised and safe from harm during transport.

• Durable rubber wheels provide smooth cabinet movement across floors and other surfaces.

• The doors of these cabinets contain the required “FLAMMABLE GAS 2” warning label.

For further details about the importance of our mobile oxy/acetylene safety cabinets for transporting dangerous goods, contact us directly at your convenience. Also, feel free to browse through our website to learn about all the quality products that we provide. You can order right online by clicking on our “ORDER FORM” tab.

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