Top 5 Reasons Why Commercial and Industrial Users Choose Jonda Products

July 15, 2020

When it comes to custom flashings and rainwater products, commercial and industrial users are very particular on their go-to supplier. After all, it is better to be sure upfront than to be sorry later on. For the most part, commercial and industrial users pick Jonda products in such abovementioned needs. Browse on below to know the top five reasons why commercial and industrial users choose Jonda products, and who knows maybe you’ll do the same.

Jonda Products are Supplied by Specialists

Jonda specialises in custom flashing and rainwater goods, such as rainheads, sumps, and pops. Jonda also have a wide range of original products, such as Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and the Leafless leaf-guard guttering system. Our factory also houses extensive facilities for custom fabrication jobs.

Jonda Has a Wide Range of Services and Materials

Materials – Jonda prides upon its full range of Classic and Contemporary BlueScope Colorbond steel colours. We also stock BlueScope Zincalume Steel and Galvabond Steel. Other materials we stock include aluminium, stainless steel, copper and black steel. The Mazak Turret Punch is CNC controlled ensuring that each job is identical and of the highest quality. Our folder/slitter machines are capable of rolling roll top ridge and barge roll in lengths up to eight metres. Folder slitters are 8m in length and 1.2mm thickness while Plasma Profile Cutter is CNC controlled ensuring that each job is identical and of the highest quality. We also have Magna Folder, Brake Press and Guillotine.

Jonda Has Multiple Product Options

Aside from the services and materials mentioned above, Jonda also has the following: adjustable box gutter brackets, adjustable noggin, louvers, spa pump cover, mobile oxy/acetylene safety cabinet, roof hatches, downpipes and accessories, tool boxes, custom cowls, custom penetrations, rain head/sumps, leafless gutter guard, multi-fit pops and adjustable box gutter brackets

Jonda Has a Convenient Delivery System

We offer a delivery service for your convenience. Our fleet of tray trucks service the Melbourne metropolitan area Monday to Friday and cater for products up to 8 metres in length. With deliveries to sites within the metropolitan area, automatic standard fee applies.

Jonda’s Main Focus is Flashing and Guttering

Here at Jonda our main focus is flashing and guttering, and has been for over 35 years. We have facilities to produce flashing up to 8 metres long in a range of materials. Thanks to our automatic slitting line we are able to produce large volumes of flashing quickly with turnaround time generally being less than 24 hours, depending on the job. Our state of the art Variobend and SWI twin apron folders are able to achieve a number of intricate folds that are impossible on most other machines. Not only can these machines create a number of tight folds, they are also able to produce roll top ridge capping and barge roll up to 8 metres in length. We fold all flashing to customer specifications, including tapered and curved flashing.

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