Understanding the Important Functions and Purposes of Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets

July 2, 2019

According to Jake, the Manager of Jonda Sheetmetal, the adjustable box gutter bracket was invented by his father, John Nikolopoulos, while working with sheet metal in his garage at the age of 17. John was constantly attempting to create ways and means of accomplishing projects more easily. He also realised that there could be a wide market for these small items that he was designing from sheet metal. Today, Jonda ships large pallet loads of these adjustable box gutter brackets to major roofing and plumbing centres throughout Australia.

Major Benefits, Purposes and Functions of Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets

Using these adjustable box gutter brackets for your gutter installation will ensure multiple major benefits and advantages. Primary benefits, purposes and functions of adjustable box gutter brackets include the following:

• Sensible Rainwater Gutter Stability. – These simple brackets have a sensible design that secures rainwater gutters on the roofs of homes and commercial buildings. Prior to John’s invention of these box gutter brackets, builders used only metal straps that were attached to wall areas beneath roofing to hold gutters in place. These straps could loosen or become weak and break, leaving entire sections of a gutter system unsecured. These brackets for box gutters are available in three different sizes, and they are adjustable with pre-drilled lugs for a tight, secure fit.

• Sturdy, Durable Roofing Accessories.
– Extensive testing performed by Techniresearch revealed that these box gutter brackets are extremely sturdy and can safely support a maximum work load equalling 200 kg. per bracket, at its weakest point. Composed of very durable Zincalume® steel (0.8 mm.) from BlueScope Sheet Metal, these brackets are easy to install and will remain securely in place for long-term use as necessary gutter placement accessories.

• Cost-Effective Gutter Supporters.
– These strong, highly durable and low-maintenance box gutter brackets rarely need replacing. For this reason, they are both cost-effective and time-saving box gutter installation accessories. Their Zincalume® steel composition is weather and temperature-resistant, wearing well during all seasons of the year. They will not rust, corrode, develop thin areas or weaken with wear.

When you consult the experts of Jonda Sheet Metal based in Heidelberg West, Victoria and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive top quality advice, sales and installation services for sturdy and long-lasting steel box gutter brackets. These essential gutter installing accessories will secure box gutters to the roofing of your home or commercial building, offering a cost-effective and time-saving solution for ensuring a safe, secure gutter system.

Our experienced professionals will assist you in selecting our optimal quality Zincalume® steel box gutter brackets for excellent, safe and secure installation of your gutters today.

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