Use Jonda Custom Made Toolboxes to Help Organise Your Tools Properly

March 7, 2023

When it comes to servicing parts and products, professionals and technicians often turn to repair tools so they can fix them right away. Some people may even buy these tools and conduct the needed repair of parts on their own.

Whether these tools will be used domestically or commercially, it is equally important for them to be preserved and stored properly. Proper tool storage is significant to households and businesses as it can preserve the service life of the tools. It can likewise prevent the tools from getting scattered, which may end up hurting anyone. Searching and finding the tools can also become easier if they are stored and organised properly.

One way to achieve proper tool storage is by investing in toolboxes. At Jonda, we know the importance of proper tool storage. And through our well-equipped facilities and reliable experts, we have come up with toolboxes that can benefit households and businesses alike.

Jonda Toolboxes are Customised

We, at Jonda, have been fabricating a wide variety of products out of sheet meals for a couple of decades. Based in Heidelberg West, we have employed over twenty people to carry out fabrication and other processes needed to deliver our offerings to clients optimally.

Jonda primarily specialises in custom flashing and rainwater goods like rain heads, sumps, and pops. We have also designed and created original products like Adjustable Box Gutter Brackets and Leafless Leaf-Guard Guttering Systems.

And since our factory already houses extensive facilities for custom fabrication jobs, we have decided to design and fabricate toolboxes based on our client’s needs. We have a variety of materials in our factory that clients can choose from for their toolboxes. One of these materials is heavy gauge steel, which is popular for its strength and durability. Aside from the materials, we also provide clients freedom in terms of toolboxes features. Some toolboxes can be waterproofed, while others can be fitted with gas struts on their lids.

Utilise Jonda Toolboxes Correctly

Organising your tools with Jonda toolboxes can gain you tons of benefits.

First, you can easily pinpoint the location of your tools without digging through the toolboxes. Additionally, you can protect your tools from damage since our toolboxes are meant to withstand elements. You can likewise ensure that your tools will not get lost once you have added security enhancements to the toolboxes.

Now, to fully utilise and take advantage of Jonda toolboxes, you must organise your tools properly. The first thing you must do when organising your toolboxes is to audit your tools first. Doing this helps you enumerate all the tools that will be going inside the toolboxes. It can also help you identify which of your existing tools require urgent servicing or replacement, making sure that you only keep those that are fully working.

The next thing that you must do is to group your tools based on their types or functions. Subsequently, you must organise and place the grouped tools by shape, size, and use frequency. If some tools are not used frequently, you may have to remove them from your main toolboxes and store them elsewhere. The last thing that you want for your Jonda toolboxes is to boast duplicate tools instead of the ones that you truly need for specific works.

To purchase quality toolboxes from Jonda, you can call us at (03) 9457 1280.

(03) 9457 1280

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