Uses and Applications of Downpipe Pops and Leaf Guards from Jonda Pty Ltd

August 6, 2021

In any gutter system, downpipes are the most difficult parts to keep clean when they become clogged with debris. At times, the blockage can be so severe that you must reach out for professional assistance to clean them thoroughly. If you presently have problems keeping your downpipe clear, so the water drains efficiently from your gutters, you will be happy to know that Jonda provides an innovatively designed solution in the way of the company’s Multi-Fit Leafguard Pop. Read on to learn its various attributes.

Fits Round and Square Downpipes

Since these Multi-Fit Leafguard Pops have a unique design, they are suitable for both square and round downpipes of a size range of 50 mm to 100 mm, which includes the most common sizes of downpipes. This makes purchasing the Pops easy since you may have a combination of these shapes and sizes of downpipes on your structure, depending on its design.

Stays in Place Securely

Each of these Pops comes with adjustable legs that fit down into your downpipes. Once you adjust the legs, the Pops will hold securely in all types of weather. On top of this, their basket design efficiently prevents multiple types of debris from entering and clogging the downpipes.

Comes in a Variety of Materials

Jonda manufactures these Multi-Fit Leafguard Pops in durable plastic, stainless steel, Galvabond and Zincalume to address a broad range of gutter systems. We guarantee that all these materials are durable and weather-resilient to stand up over the years effectively.

Ideal for a Wide Assortment of Roofs

While schools find our Pops ideal for their buildings, we make them to fit a wide array of roofs, including those on houses. All roofs have the need for effective drainage through their downpipes without constant issues.

An Australian-Made Product

Another advantage of purchasing our Multi-Fit Leafguard Pops is that we make them here in Australia. You are supporting local industry instead of one from another country. Join those who are trying to buy products that are made in this country as much as possible to bolster our economy.

Browse through our site or contact us to discover if the size and style of your downpipes are compatible with our Multi-Fit Leafguard Pops. Also, we carry numerous other products ranging from spa pump covers to Leafless Gutter Guard systems. We have a wide assortment of stock items but will customise your fabrication needs in our factory upon request.

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