Various Reasons that Cause Gutters to Collapse

April 26, 2022

The roof system of buildings plays a vital role in keeping these properties safe from outdoor elements. By utilising the right materials, roof system components can effectively prevent heat, moisture, dust, and other similar elements from entering the properties.

One crucial component of the roof system is the gutter. Gutters, which work well with downspouts, are designed to guide stormwater off the roof. They likewise intend to divert the rainwater away from the foundation of the property, preventing any costly structural damages from developing. These significant components are mostly installed on the roof edges for them to be effective and efficient.

Gutters can carry out their main purposes if they are always cleaned and maintained. But despite regular upkeep, gutters may still get damaged and collapse due to the following reasons.

Missing Spikes or Hangers

Spikes or hangers intend to hold gutters to the entire roof system. But if they gradually become loose, the attachment of the gutters to the roofing may become weaker as time passes. The gutter components may finally come off once the spikes or hangers are not fastened anymore. The gradual disconnection of spikes or hangers may be caused by the accumulation of dead leaves, debris, and water on one of the sections of the gutter system and the roofs.

Absence of Leaf Guard

A leaf guard is normally added to the gutter system to prevent dead leaves from entering and filling its components. Dead leaves, after all, may accumulate and block the passage of rainwater. If a gutter system does not maximise a leaf guard, then it may be filled with dead leaves and dirt. It can also be bombarded with ice during cold seasons. The build-up of these elements can twist and detach the gutters from the fascia board, causing nails and screws to loosen up.

Insufficient Slope Angle

A gutter system with the right slope angle can ensure that the water can be transported out of the property. However, if the slope of a gutter system is not steep enough, the rainwater may accumulate on some of its parts. The accumulated rainwater on varying parts of the gutter system will then exert pressure on its components. This pressure will ultimately lead to the collapse of the gutters since the water does not circulate smoothly inside their system.

Deteriorated Fascia Board

One more reason why gutters may collapse is the presence of deteriorated fascia board. Gutters are designed to guide the rain and stormwater out of the roofing system and property foundation. However, if the gutters are clogged, the water will just accumulate inside their system. Some of it may even seep into the roof, which can cause the fascia board to rot and deteriorate. The continuous deterioration of the fascia board will then lead to loosened spikes, screws, and others that hold gutters in place.

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