What is the Role of Magna Folder In the Manufacturing Industry?

January 15, 2021

Time is an important resource that none of us appears to have enough of. Each working day on the plant floor requires a fine harmony between machine adequacy and usefulness, combined with labourer’s hard work and ability.

When the clock begins to tick, any business proprietor will perceive it as a running count of the consistently growing expenses related to the log jam or closure of creation. In such critical minutes, where, for instance, your Magna folder should be supplanted, choosing a stockist that gives you the best possibility of getting back ready for action shortly is basic.

What Is Magna Folder?

The Magna folder is a machine for folding sheet metal and is a typical thing utilized in the metal workplace. It can be used to bend both magnetic metals like galvanised steel and non-magnetic metals such as brass and aluminium. The machine is different from other folders as it clamps the workpiece with a powerful electromagnet rather than by mechanical means. The machine is unique concerning other folders as it clips the workpiece with an electromagnet rather than by mechanical methods.

The machine is a long electromagnetic bed with a steel cinch bar situated previously. Inactivity, a bit of sheet metal is put on the electromagnetic bed. The clip bar into position and once the electromagnet is turned on the sheet metal is clasped set up by an electromagnetic power of numerous tons. A curve in the sheet metal is shaped by rotating the bending pillar which is mounted on hinges at the front of the machine. This curves the sheet metal around the front edge of the clip bar. When the curve is finished a miniature switch ought to be initiated to kill the electromagnet.

While the clock is ticking and your group or the executive’s staff are feeling the squeeze to find and install the ideal Magna folder on your production line floor, it is constantly suggested that all concerned keep a calm attitude and an eye on the master plan. Startling breakdowns or machine disappointments often inspire hurried decisions that are lamented in a little while. Accordingly, while it is basic to get your business back fully operational, having a provider serving you that has alternatives open that can diminish the prompt financial weight is as significant as finding the correct machine.

Operating Safety Precautions

Guarantee the full-length brace bar is situated on the machine. Make sure the lifting balls on the ends of the clamp bar are resting in the locating grooves and adjust the eccentric adjustors at either end of the clamp bar. Allow the Magna folder to cool down for 30 minutes if the thermal overload switch is tripped due to the machine being in the fully clamped state continuously.


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