What Makes Jonda Adjustable Noggins a Better Option than Timber Noggins?

August 5, 2019

The highly successful sheet metal fabrication business of Jonda PTY LTD was founded by John and Dani early in the 1980s and has grown into a thriving, innovative business. One of the company’s own products, Jonda Adjustable Noggins, was invented by John. These universal brackets made of steel are multi-purpose. They can be used in place of timber noggins in countless areas of the building industry today. With the use of these durable steel brackets, you can prevent the problems of shrinking, splitting and breaking that use of timber noggins frequently creates. Ideal uses for Jonda Adjustable Noggins include set support, cistern support, pipe support and noggins for wooden and metal frames.

Other Qualities that Make Jonda Adjustable Noggins a Better Choice than Timber Noggins

Additional features of Jonda Adjustable Noggins that make them a superior choice over timber noggins include the following:

• Weatherproof Steel. These adjustable steel noggins from Jonda are essentially weather-proof and can withstand extreme weather variances and harsh climatic conditions throughout the year. Their sturdy surfaces are not marred by ice, snow or heavy rainfall, and they will not expand and contract like timber noggins do when exposed to extreme heat or cold and moisture. Although these steel brackets retain both hot and cold temperatures from the surrounding environment, their effectiveness is not compromised in any way from exposure to these temperature extremes.

• Warp and Dent-proof. Jonda adjustable steel noggins will not warp in damp or wet environments, and they do not dent or crack from heavy or rough use. You can always count on these brackets maintaining their original volume and shape for long-term use. Even when heavy building materials are stacked in areas where these steel noggins are in use, they will not weaken from the heavy weight of this load.

• Corrosion and Rust-proof.
These strong, durable steel noggins from Jonda will not corrode or rust from wet weather conditions or storage in damp warehouses with leaking roofs. Even when used to secure metal sheets or sections of building materials that are then delivered to building sites on open-bed trucks, these steel noggins retain their smooth, shiny surfaces. If any of these steel brackets are slightly discoloured from exposure to harsh chemical products during shipment or use, just wiping their surfaces with detergent and water will return their normal shine.

When you purchase these unique adjustable steel noggins first introduced by Jonda PTY LTD, based in Heidelberg West and serving the entire Melbourne area, you will receive an optimal quality steel bracket design that will withstand all types of harsh temperatures and weather or storage conditions. Our Jonda experts will ensure that you receive our superior Jonda Adjustable Noggins promptly and efficiently for reliable use during your next construction or assembling project.

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