What Makes Jonda’s Adjustable Noggins Different from Others

March 26, 2020

Noggin is a horizontal bracing piece that is used between wall studs or floor joists. The purpose of this construction piece is to give rigidity to the wall or floor frames of a building. Noggins are usually made from timber, steel, or aluminium.

Remarkable Facts about Noggins

As mentioned, noggins are useful in giving rigid property to the wall or floor frames of a building. They help in straightening out wall studs and floor joists and providing a strong fixing for something that will be fixed on the structure in the future.

A noggin can be placed in an interior stud-work wall to provide a solid fixing for the toilet cistern to screw to, a radiator, or a huge smart TV that will be installed to the wall later on. A noggin is essential in walls to carry the edges of plasterboard sheets for the joints to be strong and durable. A noggin can also be used in floor structures. Extra noggins are installed to carry the load and edge of a shower tray or a non-load bearing wall that is landed between joists.

Noggins Installation and Application

Taking the measurements for your noggins at the end of the studs or joists where they would meet with the wall plate is far more effective than measuring where they will actually be placed. Taking this type of measurement will ensure your studs to straighten up and become parallel with one another once your noggins are installed.

Normal bridging in a wall can be fixed in a straight line, where one end can be nailed straight from the back of the stud. Alternatively, the other end must be skew nailed at an angle since the previous block is in the way of nailing straight.

Staggered noggin is used when the blocks don’t need to carry the edges of sheet material. Staggering the bridging of floor joists allows you to install much quicker since you don’t need to skew nail on one end. With staggered bridging, both ends of the floor joists can be fixed straight through the back the stud or joist.

Jonda’s Adjustable Noggins

The splitting, shrinking, and breakage of timber are usually caused by installing traditional noggins. But with Jonda’s own adjustable noggins, this problem is solved right away. Jonda’s founder John has crafted a new noggin design that can increase the rigidity of structure supports without causing damage to them. These adjustable noggins are multi-purpose universal brackets that can replace timber noggins throughout the construction industry. They can be used in tap set support, cistern support, wooden and metal frames, and pipe support.

The noggins of Jonda are made from Australian BlueScope steel and can be adjusted to suit stud spacings from 330mm to 600mm. They have unique built-in setbacks that can be easily folded by hand. The adjustable noggins can also be installed under one minute, which can save time that is spent on measuring and finding the right noggin. Moreover, they can work with any fasteners for easier installation and more consistent results.

These characteristics make Jonda’s adjustable noggins different from other noggins. They provide faster installation time and more reasonable results than the other types of noggins. If you want to purchase your own set of adjustable noggins, you can call us now at Jonda. Aside from noggins, we also specialise in custom flashing and rainwater goods.

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