4 Key Functions of Chimney Cowls

December 15, 2022

Buildings will never be complete without installing a good roof. A roof is a top covering of buildings that can protect their interiors from weather elements. It also deters leaves, pests, and others from entering the properties. It likewise helps in optimising indoor air quality.

To make a roof functional, it should be integrated with a wide array of components. Gutters, for instance, are installed to deter stormwater from accumulating on the roof, ceiling, foundation, and other crucial areas of a property. A downspout is another roofing component that channels the expelled water away from the building.

But one more component of a roof that property owners like you should maximise is the chimney cowl. Here are some of the most notable functions of chimney cowls that make them essential to the roofing system of buildings.

1. Prevent Water Ingress

One of the functions of chimney cowls is to prevent water ingress. The roof part of a building is always exposed to weather elements. Once the rain falls, the rainwater is expected to flow through the roof before going into gutters, downspouts, and other crucial parts of the roof system. Chimneys, however, can be a good entry point for rainwater. Without any protective elements, rainwater may easily infiltrate the chimneys and ruin other parts of a building. The design of chimney cowls allows them to stop water from entering.

2. Inhibit Downdraught

Chimney cowls do not only prevent water ingress, but they can also inhibit downdraught from occurring. Downdraught is often generated by the negative air pressure at the top of chimneys, which may be due to the existence of nearby buildings, swirling wind conditions, and overhanging trees. Without adding some chimney cowls, the downdraught may only force the air to be brought down the chimney. The air may then reach a lit stove or fireplace, causing smoke to puff back and spread harmful gases into the building.

3. Deter Animals and Birds

Birds can be often seen on the roof part of a building. While some of them tend to leave the area right away, others may stay for a long time. Worse, some birds may force their way into the property. Once they are in, occupants may find it difficult to catch and bring them back outside. They may even be trapped and die, emitting foul odours inside the property. The same issues may occur with other animals that may accidentally climb down the chimneys. Chimney cowls, fortunately, can be installed so that these animals and birds will be deterred from entering.

4. Improve Chimney Draw

One more function of chimney cowls is they can improve chimney draw. Some chimneys may have difficulties in terms of their overall draw. Whenever they are ignited, the gases end up not flowing up the chimneys. Consequently, the smoke stays down in the fireplace, which may not be great for property occupants. One great solution to this problem is to warm up the chimneys by burning some newspaper. An alternative solution to this issue is to invest in a well-designed chimney cowl. Obtaining one from an expert is a must to ensure its effectiveness.

To get custom cowls for your property, you can contact us at Jonda. We offer custom cowls that can be made from different materials and finishes. They can also be bird-proofed upon request.

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