Avoid Water Overflow on Your Roof by Adding Rain Heads

December 1, 2022

Many building owners are often anxious about the condition and status of their properties whenever it rains for a long time. Rainwater, after all, can be damaging to building materials if they have not been maintained optimally. The lack of components that can regulate the flow of rainwater may also be, unfortunately, a primary cause of property damage.

Without the right components and upkeep, rainwater could damage the roofing easily. If your property has some water spots on the ceiling, it means that your roof has been damaged by rainwater. Your roofing has also been damaged by rainwater if your property has cracked and blistered shingles, soft and spongy wood decking, and water spots on the wall exterior.

These damages are often the result of water overflow on your roof. To avoid water from overflowing on your roof, you must buy and add rain heads to your roofing system.

General Features of Rain Heads

Rain heads or rainwater heads are roofing components that should always be present whenever properties maximise internal box gutters. One of the roles of rain heads is to send rainwater into the downpipes optimally. They also intend to regulate the flow of the rainwater, preventing any instances of water surges. Another role of rain heads that is crucial to property owners is they deter water from overflowing into the interiors of properties or buildings.

Most rain heads are installed at the top of vertical piping. Hence, they are expected to prevent leaves, insects, and sticks from entering the rainwater pathway. So, aside from regulating rainwater flow and avoiding water surges, rain heads can also prevent clogged piping that often causes structural damage to properties.

Rain heads Notable Advantages

One notable advantage of rain heads is they can provide enhanced filtration. Rain heads, as mentioned earlier, prevent elements other than water from entering the piping. And if your pipework is buried underground, the rain heads can effectively prevent its internals from getting clogged. They can also prevent the build-up of sediment that is often difficult to remove.

If you are storing rainwater for future use, you can easily take advantage of rain heads since they can already reduce the need for storage tank maintenance. The filtering capabilities of the rain heads prevent the tank from obtaining debris that can be time-consuming to remove.

The quality of the stored and collected water is also improved with the addition of rain heads. You may be using the collected rainwater in a potable water supply for cooking and watering stock. With the installation of rain heads, you do not have to worry about getting dirty rainwater. 

Purchase Rain Head from Jonda

To obtain quality rain heads for your property, you can order from us at Jonda.

Our rain heads can be effective in minimising the risk of water overflowing inside the building. They can also increase the curb appeal of your property as we design them with appealing features. We manufacture them in a range of materials and styles, making them compatible with the existing design and appeal of your building.

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