The Risks of Fallen Leaves on Your Roof and How to Prevent Them from Causing Serious Issues

January 23, 2023

Buildings can appear lively if they are surrounded by healthy trees. These greeneries, after all, add some colours to the view of the said properties. They can even make the buildings cooler as they can provide natural shade as well as carry out evapotranspiration.

However, trees can also be a source of problems for many property owners. You see, as the season changes, some rain-fuelled diseases can cause leaves to discolour and eventually drop. Some leaves may fall into the garden beds and provide nutritional benefits to other greeneries. But others are stuck on buildings’ roofing systems, which can be an issue in the long run.

Fallen Leaves Can Be a Huge Problem

Fallen leaves can be a huge problem for one’s roof. If you currently own a building, you must know the difficulties of constantly removing these leaves off your property. As soon as you forget to take them out, they can gradually pose some issues that can affect the appeal, structural integrity, and other elements of your property.

Here are some risks of falling leaves on your roof.

• Leaks: As fallen leaves accumulate on your roof, they might end up blocking the rainwater pathway, preventing any water from being eradicated right away. The water will then be stuck on your roof until it becomes too heavy and breaks various roof parts and property structures, allowing it to enter your interior spaces and damage anything the water touches.

• Weed Growth: Fallen leaves can be the perfect growing place for weeds. Birds and others may also find these leaves on your roof to be their perfect place to track in tree and weed seeds. As the weeds grow from the fallen leaves, they may eventually spread all over your roof until they cover your gutter joints.

• Pest Invasion: Bugs, in particular, can reside alongside the fallen leaves. Once they see some openings in your roofing system, they will then try to infiltrate and invade your building. More types of pests may then come to further damage your property.

• Foundation Damage: Foundation can be far from your roof. But if the fallen leaves have enabled water to spill towards the foundation, the soil found around your foundation may erode. The water may also increase underground water pressure, which can then cause basement leaks and cracks in the foundation.

Ward Off Fallen Leaves on Your Roof

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to ward off fallen leaves on your roof.

First, you may want to trim back your trees. Trees can be a great shade for your property. However, they should be trimmed back to prevent too much dead leaves from falling on your roof. You can also prevent fallen leaves from causing problems to your property by cleaning your gutters regularly. This activity ensures that your gutters will be free from leaves and other debris that may block the rainwater from flowing freely.

Of course, you can also install mechanisms that can deter leaves from entering your gutters. The Leafless Gutter Guard System, for instance, can be installed to prevent leaves from entering your gutters and accumulating on your roof. It is from malleable aluminium to ensure that it can last for a long time. Another mechanism that can be installed on your roof is the Multi-Pop. It can be installed on the downpipes to prevent debris from entering and blocking them.

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